write the discussion 1

What is Modern Math?

Everyone has some preconceived notions of what it’s all about because everyone has taken a math class before. To get things started in this class, we want to find out two things:

What do you think Modern Math is?

What do you want Modern Math to be?

With your group, discuss these two questions. Be prepared to report out to class.

Class Poster to be displayed of What is Modern Math

Activity 2 How should we divide up a cake? Or other stuff? Fair Division Basics

Continuous Fair Division Methods: Your note booklet and the Task videos describe methods for dividing up things that are very “cuttable.”

With your group, come up with a way to fairly divide the four items provided. .

Activity 3 Cumulative Practice Sheet

Students try their hand at a variety of Fair Division Problems with this handout. When you finish, upload your answers into Moodle so that your instructor can check them

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