Write an assessment to the company’s commitment to good corporate governance


Community/Public Health Nursing: Promoting the Health of Populations, TEXTBOOK 6e

Oct 28, 2014 BY MARY A.NIES.



The following questions can be used to complete a self-appraisal about what it means to be poor.

Answer these questions:

How do you define poverty?

Have you ever been poor? Describe what that was like?

What words are used in your family when talking about poor or dependent families and individuals?

Did your family make any particular efforts to help people who were poor?

Describe a client whom you have cared for who was very poor.

State what experiences or situations you based your observations in responding to the above questions. Family? Friends? Classmate? Personal experience?

Analyze the performance of the Tesla Motors. Is your expectation the same as it was when you chose it? (5-7 pages excluding exhibits)

Use financial statements and ratios to analyze its performance, and compare it with the industry average and its competitors.

Also, make sure to answer these questions:

1. Is the company a good investment

2. Do you recommend investing in this company

3. What is your prediction for the future of this company

4. Write an assessment to the company’s commitment to good corporate governance

Note: must have at least 3 non company published sources of information

Determine whether or not a resource is reliable can be quite challenging, but there are tips that can help you decide.

Choosing reliable sources is important because unreliable sources can include false information and biases that you do

not want referenced in your assignment.

There are five criterion to check in order to determine if the source is reliable. They are as follows:

1. authority

2. accuracy

3. objectivity

4. currency

5. relevance

In order to view the full explanation of each criterion, visit the How to do Research page of the CSU Online Library or click


For the Unit IV Assignment, you will evaluate the effectiveness of three resources related to the study of earth science.

For each source, you will evaluate the five criterion and decide whether or not you would recommend the source to be

used in an academic setting. Please see provided link.

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