Why there should or should not be container deposit legislation

this topics:
1- Why there should or should not be container deposit legislation
2- waste disposal costs are too cheap in Australia
3- The current legislation in Australia for managing waste is effective- discuss.
4-we should recover energy from waste rather than dispose of to landfill
5- companies should be required to complete a life cycle analysis before being able to sell new products
6- sending materials overseas for recycling is not ethical
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Aim and
Social economic and not least environmental pressures are requiring that all waste producers aim to
manage their wastes so that both
the impact on the environment and the cost of disposal are
To achieve these dual aims waste management involves examining why wastes are
produced and taking all reasonable steps to minimise the production of wastes.
If wastes have to be
ced recycling or reuse options must be explored.
The preferred approach to the production of wastes such as waste avoidance reduction reuse and
recycling as well as the philosophy of cleaner production will be discussed in detail together with
rations of on

site or off

site treatment. Techniques of minimising waste by conducting audits and
evaluating alternatives based on economic technical and social aspects will be covered in greater
detail. This will be linked to the development and implemen
tation of waste management plans. The
various disposal techniques available for a range of hazardous materials will be discussed for example
burial incineration co

generation pre

treatment storage and immobilisation. In addition the issues
relating t
o the collection transport and disposal of municipal wastes will be examined in the context of
their contribution to the overall waste problem in Australia. Various alternatives for reducing and
disposing of this waste stream will be examined.
The focus
of this course is to enable students to develop the appropriate approach to waste
management in general rather than to focus on specific waste types or waste streams.
There is
potential for students to pursue individual interest via the case study and e
Topics to be addressed in this unit include:
Regulatory controls on waste management
Techniques for conducting waste audits
Use of life cycle analysis as a decision making tool
Waste minimisation reuse and recycling techniques
Cleaner production
Waste management technologies
Municipal waste management
Development of waste management strategies
Implementation of waste management systems
SLE320 Sustainability and Waste
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Course Rules
In order to ensure that there are no misunderstandings
about what is expected in S
following items should be noted now:
Reading of references will greatly enhance your understanding of the unit.
All assessable work must be handed in by the due date.
Submission dates will only be extended
under exceptional circumstances.
signments should
be placed into Dropbox on
emailed to me
Marks will be deducted for late work at the rate of one mark per working day until the mark
No late work will be accepted after work has b
een marked and returned to other
All work handed in for assessment must be the students own work except where acknowledged by the
insertion of a reference. Passing off the work and/or ideas of others as your own is plagiarism and
instances of
this or any other forms of copying or cheating will be dealt with severely. See Faculty of
Engineering and Built Environment
policy on plagiarism.
The final grade for the unit will be based on:

Fail (N)


Credit (C)

Distinction (D)
> 80%
High Distinction (HD)
All work submitted will be graded according to the system above. The final grade for the unit will be the
sum of the individual marks for each piece of work.
Submission date
s will only be extended under exceptional circumstances. If an extension is required
you must complete and assignment extension request form which you must then discuss with your
lecturer. If approval is granted the lecturer will sign the form that must t
hen be kept by the student. The

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