Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant?

Priority debts are deemed by the law to be sufficiently important so that these must be paid in full. Examples of priority debts include certain tax obligations, alimony and child support, and wages owed to employees. WHy would priority debts be so important?
2. Why it is unethical to purchase numerous items on credit when he or she knows that bankruptcy is available as an option in event of a defaults.
3. Why would “most of people would agree that under no circumstances should creditors be allowed to force a debtor to sell certain property, for example the debtor’s car, book or pets. “? If an individual, for instance, has many luxury cars, should they sell them if they are bankrupt. Or a rare book collection, etc?
4.Find a recent case of intellectual property infringement. Share the case name and answer the following:
Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant?
What is the issue (the nature of the dispute)?
What rules of law apply to the facts of the case?
What is an injunction? Describe which party is seeking it, and why.
Who won the case? Do you agree with the judge’s holding/finding? Why or why not?

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