While I sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and the break from the school/work routine that typically comes with this time of year, I am still aware that there are exams to prepare for, homework assignments to be completed, and term papers, research papers, book reports etc., to write.  Thus, I am writing a new post today, and it will focus on the comparison essay.  The comparison essay is both a challenging and interesting paper to write because, of course, you must write about more than one subject.,In the comparison essay, the writer must discuss how certain things, events, ideas, etc., are different from one another as well as similar to one another.  If you need assistance on deciding exactly what subjects you would like to compare, privateessaywriters can be a great resourse, as it provides useful information on a ton of essay topics. Another great resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab. They have great general writing tips that are available for non-Purdue college students as well.,There are essentially two formats for the comparison essay, but both essays must follow the basic essay structure that all essays follow whether comparison essay, analytical essay, pro-con essay etc. The difference in the two formats is in the structure of the essay body and I have described this difference below.,In the first format, the writer begins by discussing only one of the subjects of the essay. Often several paragraphs are required.  This is then followed by a discussion on the second subject being and this discussion may also require several paragraphs.  The next discussion focuses on analyzing both subjects together, pointing out where they are alike and where they differ.  Again, this discussion may also extend to several paragraphs.,The second comparison essay format begins with a discussion and analysis of how the two subjects are similar.  This is then followed by a discussion and analysis of how the two subjects differ.  Again, both the discussion on the similarities and the discussion on the differences usually require several paragraphs each.,Whichever format you choose to use, don’t forget to include a thought-provoking thesis statement in the introduction of the paper and a thorough summarization of the similarities and differences in the conclusion. And, most importantly, don’t forget to continue to enjoy the holiday season!

The Comparison Essay

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