Which theorist best reflects your perceptions of modernization?

I need help with this assignment. I need it written as followsbelow, and must pass plagiarism. Individual Future of ModernizationPaper Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper addressing the followingquestions: • How does modernization manifest itself in U.S.society?Use one of the modern theorists introduced in Ch. 16 of Society asa basis for your response. • Is modernization likely to continue inthe U.S.? Explain your answer. • Is modernization a world-widetrend? • What are the consequences of modernization? • Which theorist best reflects your perceptions of modernization? Researchthe UOPX Library for information to support your answers. Trysearch terms such as “modernization trends” or “consequences ofmodernization.” Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Cite 3 to 5 sources; at least two must come from the UOPX Library.You may also refer to the Recommended Websites list in theElectronic Resources section at the beginning of this syllabus foradditional sources.

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