Which is an example of technological convergence?

When you reflect on stereotypes and how they proliferate in media across the world Show more Question 12 pts When you reflect on stereotypes and how they proliferate in media across the world think about the access members of minority groups have to mainstream media. If members of underrepresented groups had more say in creating images of their own communities they would also need to have access to ___________. editing software the means of production and distribution postproduction facilities media monopolies Flag this Question Question 22 pts Which is an example of technological convergence? A U.S.-produced TV show becomes popular in Russia. A newspaper reporter also writes an article for a companys website. Several media companies sell their properties to become more efficient. Two media companies merge to form a larger company. Flag this Question Question 32 pts Advertising can play a major role in ____________and promoting cultural norms which has drawn criticism from advocacy groups around the country who have turned to social media as an excellent platform to voice dissent. stimulating the economy advocating for social rights propagating certain cultural stereotypes mimicking the shopping behavior of the 1 percent Flag this Question Question 42 pts What phenomenon is demonstrated when a show thats produced in the United States (Sex and the City for example) becomes wildly popular in another country? Cultural convergence Technological convergence Political convergence Interpersonal convergence Flag this Question Question 52 pts The media grammar of specific categories or genres makes it easier to _________. market and promote artists listen to the radio in the car recognize your favorite songs on the radio allow private radio stations to stay on the air Flag this Question Question 62 pts How have advertisers responded to peoples use of digital video recorders to fast-forward through commercials? They have increasingly used product placements in television shows. They have created limited copyright technologies to curb copying. They have appealed to the government for new laws. They have encouraged networks to hire lower-paid actors. Flag this Question Question 72 pts Which statement best describes the recent trend in media ownership? Many small media companies have recently gained power. Media companies are breaking into smaller independent companies. Most companies have transitioned from for-profit to not-for-profit entities Media companies are being consolidated into larger companies. Flag this Question Question 82 pts Digitization is __________. the process by which media are made into computer-readable form thin flexible fibers of glass capable of transmitting light signals the process by which media are decoded from computer-readable form medias focus on narrower audience segments Flag this Question Question 92 pts What three elements are needed for convergence? Video files; telecommunications; corporations Print media; advocacy; culture Computing; telecommunications; media Science; entertainment; economics Flag this Question Question 102 pts One of the conventions of interviewing in both the field and the studio is that the interview partner is instructed by the reporter to ______________. avoid stating personal views articulate news bias promote his/her own point-of-view never look directly into the camera Flag this Question Question 112 pts To eliminate incompatibilities in the phone network the U.S. government granted which company a monopoly on the telephone system? T-Mobile Sprint Verizon AT&T Flag this Question Question 122 pts Why is viral marketing an efficient way of promoting products? It involves people discussing products for free. It requires expensive product placements. It secretly targets Internet users based on cookies. It involves traditional approaches to advertising. Flag this Question Question 132 pts Media bias does not only occur in news stories. Entertainment media play an important role in _____________ and normalizing or demonizing certain types of behavior. launching media campaigns for civil rights advocating for fairness promoting cultural tolerance propagating stereotypes Flag this Question Question 142 pts The purpose of media content is to persuade inform and entertain. An advertisers main purpose may be to persuade you to ___________ as well as inform you. believe that middle class values dominate in American society analyze media content buy a product embrace cultural stereotypes Flag this Question Question 152 pts How do centralized media organizations operate? They rely on the old production and distribution models. They specialize in one aspect of media production and distribution. They encourage regular Internet users to contribute content. They control all aspects of media production and distribution. Flag this Question Question 162 pts The inventor of record for the telephone in 1876 is __________. Johannes Gutenberg Benjamin Franklin Alexander Graham Bell Telefon Hrmond Flag this Question Question 172 pts Citizen journalism is popular in the field today because __________. all forms of user-generated content (including citizen journalism stories) have high artistic value political parties rely on the work of citizen journalists to promote certain candidates audiences can provide coverage of local events and news that big news organizations overlook research has shown that citizen journalism is significantly more accurate than traditional journalism Flag this Question Question 182 pts One underlying assumption of criticisms of media bias and media effects is that the public is largely passive and accepts unquestioningly the media it consumes. However audience research has shown that audiences can be ___________in interpreting and using media. quite argumentative quite aggressive quite active quite passive Flag this Question Question 192 pts Media theorist Ben H. Bagdikian has noted that 99 percent of the daily newspapers in the United States are the only daily in their city. All but a few of the nations cable systems are a monopoly in their city. This situation easily leads to the ____________. growth of radio stations increased dependence on satellite services emergence of mobile journalists silencing of minority and nonmainstream views Flag this Question Question 202 pts The simplified communications model was developed by __________ and includes a source who encodes a message or signal (which is transmitted either via the media or directly via interpersonal communication) to a destination where the receiver decodes it. Aristotle Claude E. Shannon and Warren Weaver Harold Lasswell Wilbur Schramm Show less

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