What preconceptions do they have and why is it important to them?

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Description: In this assignment you will design the way you would teach a concept from this course. The design is intended to teach the concept in the most effective way possible.
You will:
1) identify three different media; and
2) write an explanatory essay.
STEP 1. You are going to design the concept of renewable energy.
STEP 2. Determine the best way to teach the concept and its importance to the following target audiences (1 medium per target audience for a total of 3 media):
1. Third grade student
2. Grand/parent or other non-expert
3. A Physicist
Examples include making a poster finding a video online drawing a cartoon building a website giving a speech or writing a poem. We encourage you to be creative! (You do not have to create it just choose what you would use)
When selecting each medium you should consider the following things:
1. Relationship between the concept and the audience: What preconceptions do they have and why is it important to them?
2. Relationship between the communicator and the audience: How will they view me as an expert teaching them this material? How will my selected medium play to my strengths/weaknesses as a communicator?
3. Relationship between medium and audience: Is this media accessible to them? Is it relatable? Will it hold their attention? Will it convey the concept more effectively than another type of medium?
STEP 3. Finally you will submit an essay (500-700 words) that addresses the points above for each of the three target audiences and the associated medium you selected. You should also provide evidence to support your assertions about the relationships between you the audience the medium you are using and the concept you are teaching them.

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