What is the hypothetical model you first want to test?

summary based on the overall display of econometric knowledge and correctness of the econometric analysis
topic and the variables
1. What is the hypothetical model you first want to test?
2. Before reviewing the Regression results what are the expected signs and significance of each independent
variable that you hypothesize to be true?
3. Define irrelevant variables. Which independent variable is a probable irrelevant variable which is a
possible irrelevant variable?
4. Which variable is weak?
5. Define redundant variable. Which independent variable is a possible redundant variable?
6. What are the possible omitted variables?
7. Which of the Regression Runs Results do you choose as your final specification and why?
8. Use the data table provided to replicate the results of the final specification you chose (use gretl).
9. Your summary papers should be at least 3 pages and should include screen shots and/or copied and pasted results.

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