What is scope creep and feature creep?

E-Business and Technology
1. In your opinion according to Porters Five forces model (refer to chapter 1) has competition increased or decreased overall as a result of the internet and e-commerce? Specifically address each of the five forces in Porters model.
2. What is electronic commerce?
3. How are Secure Sockets Layers (SSLs and Secure Electronic Transactions (SETS) different? How are they the same?
4. How can you use a B2B e-marketplace to reduce your dependency on a particular supplier?
5. How do convenience and specialty items differ in the B2B e-commerce business model? Why do commodity like and digital items sell well in the B2C e-commerce business model?
6. What is scope creep and feature creep?
7. How do the four implementation methods differ?
8. How are component based development and a service oriented architecture related?
9. Why do organizations prototype?
10. What is the difference between a selling prototype and a proof of-concept prototype?
11. How have ERP Systems evolved over the last 30 years?
12. Why is interoperability important?
13. What are the main differences between a decentralized infrastructure and a centralized infrastructure?
14. How does a client/server infrastructure work and what are the four types of a tiered infrastructures.
15. What are some commonly used infrastructure-centric metrics?
16. What is a business continuity plan? Why would you need one?
17. How will software-as-a-service (SaaS) make use of a personal application service provider? Give an example of SaaS software.
18. What is disintermediation? How does the F2b2C e-commerce model support disintermediation?
19. The text book talks at length about Web 2.0 research Web 3.0 and indicate how the web has changed over time.
20. How does automatic speech recognition work?

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