What is Pandoras organizational objective?

Pandora presentation
PowerPoint presentations: 10-15 minutes
a) Define Pandoras product in words (e.g. this is the market for ____________). NOTE: this is not easy or obvious! You may want to consider two or more different
products in different markets.
Pandora is a leading web broadcaster; the media industrys products are diverse and unique. The web radio views its audience as the products which it sells to
advertisers. The company must work hard in order to increase its audience since the larger audience it has the more advertisers it stand to gain. This requires the
company to develop appropriate mass media products that appeal to the target market.
b) Describe Pandoras customers and competitors in words
Pandoras customers: The internet community which consists of young and technological individuals.
Pandoras competitors : Other web radio broadcasters. Pandora just same as any other business organization. They must carry out extensive market research with
the view of understanding of their audience and to develop appropriate content with which to help retain the audience.
c) Define the market in terms of perfectly competitive monopolistic competitive oligopoly or monopoly and justify your answer in terms of specific sources of market
Pandora has establishes a larger market niche than any other company in the industry and this makes the market monopolistic. The company has the largest percentage
of market share which more than five million users.The increase in the copyright fees will affect the company to increase the cost of operations. The company will
require more money to develop mass media products.
d) Draw a graph to illustrate the market. As in a) above you may want to consider two or more different graphs that correspond to Pandoras different
e) Draw another graph to show how the market(s) would change with the new royalty fees.
f) Write in the text the message of these graphs how they inform your analysis recommendation.
a) Following Madisons definition of faction what is the overarching social objective associated with Pandoras product?
b) Given the social objective in a) identify at least three (3) important factions in Pandoras market. Your identification should include a brief description of WHO
is in the faction and most importantly what is the groups interest that is opposed to the social objective you identify in a).
c) What is Pandoras organizational objective? It may be helpful to go back to our discussion of organizational strategy from Porter and Collis & Rukstad.
d) Given Pandoras organizational objective identify at least three (3) important factions within Pandoras organization. As in b) above your identification should
describe WHO is in the faction and what their interest is that is opposed to Pandoras objective.
b) Spend all of your time re-working your business to be able to survive under the new fees assuming that youd lose any fight. If so what would be two (2) things
that you would focus on in your restructuring?
Buy a skip package. Package vs individual no ad subscription benefits
Pay for station minus ads.
Live video feed for concert. Online ticket. Package or individual tickets.
Ask me anything.
Default station
Expand licensing. Search data.
Pandora radio in car?
Market: Monopolistic Competition (Barriers to entry due to brand name/ differentiated products. Few companies within this market but there are barriers) Market
heavily subsidized by advertisements
Pandoras Product is an internet based radio station that can be personalized per the viewer.
Apps different from radio online
Pandoras Customers: Are those with access to the internet and enjoy listening to music. (On average they listen to music 10hrs. a day). People of all ages have been
reported to listen to Pandora. but the main audience is those from 13-40 years of age. Ads can target to audience of 18-36.
Pandoras Competition: Other internet radio providers and also AM/FM/XM radio providers in some cases itunes and amazon (even though they have contract with Pandora)
The overarching social contract: To provide music catered to an individuals taste while also exposing the audience to new music/access to purchase this music
Factions in Pandoras Market: those who do not like ads those who do not like to pay for radio
and those who like to listen to many songs (without skipping). Advertisers. Who like exposure. Who like cheap ads. Who like
Organizational structure: make a goal based on what I read?
Original competitors: AOL Yahoo now spotify and I heart radio
History of Royalties: Radio does not pay royalties since they were paid negative royalties. now royalties cost more each preceding year
Pandoras history: Pandora started with a free 10 hour campaign but people just listened to the 10 hours and that was it. now the have a heavily subsidised add
program with 40 hours a month free and you can pay 99 cents after the 40 or just wait to next month.
Advertisers based on age is pandora product.
Pandora researcher. Webmaster. Maketer

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