What is McLaren’s best defense against the claim?

Title: Research Project
Value: 20 points
THE PROJECT • Medhealth, Inc. is a medical technology company that competes with for
customers with McLaren Health Care Corporation. Margaret worked for
Medhealth as a sales manager. Her contract prohibited her from working for a
competitor for one year after leaving Medhealth. Six months after she left
Medhealth, McLaren contacted Margaret and asked her if she would come to
work for them. McLaren’s legal staff told Margaret that Medhealth’s contract
was not enforceable and offered her a job as a sales manager. She accepted.
Medhealth filed a suit against McLaren alleging wrongful interference. • Prepare a memo to me that sets out the facts and then answers the following
1. What type of business interference claim was most likely the basis for the
2. Compare the two types of business interference claims. Discuss how they
differ and situations where each is applicable.
3.Does M edhealth have a good claim against McLaren? What is the likely
4. What is McLaren’s best defense against the claim? • GUIDELINES FOR THE PAPER:
The paper should be written in Memo form and must be at least 1 ½ full pages. It
can be single spaced or double spaced. THIS IS AN INDEPENDENT PROJECT.
These are the section headings for a memo.
Date: INTRODUCTION: Set out the reason for the memo and the points you will cover
in the Discussion section.
DISCUSSION: This is where you discuss questions. Answer each question fully
and use examples to explain your answers This is the main part of the memo.
Be sure to answer all the questions.
• CONCLUSION: Briefly restate all the main points. This should not be more than
1 paragraph.
BIBLIOGRAPHY: List any web sites you used to get your information and any
other sources you used for this memo.

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