What impact does the economic status have on the patient/family lifestyle and living conditions?

Instructions: -APA format, even for personal communications, interviews, or questions associated with this paper. -Entire paper must be in written paragraph form, NOT in question and answer format. -Information obtained may be summarized to fit page requirements. – 9 pages total: including title page, abstract, reference page, and genogram. Actual paper 5-7p. -Attached Grading Criteria – MUST include headings in paper according to grading criteria. – 3 References within the last 5 years. Must be scholarly such as .org, .gov, and .edu. Wikipedia is NOT accepted, and websites that end in .com are not accepted. -This paper will be submitted to TURNITIN.COM for plagiarism check. -Identify a family or make one up: MUST be of Asian, Hispanic, or African American ethnicity. -Interview or make up answers to the provided questions/assessments. -Remember to do in paragraph format for the paper. -Upon the findings of the above family assessment – Select a theory (see attached theories). -From the theory selection – Develop a diagnosis (see attached diagnoses)(or you can use any nursing diagnosis), and Develop a plan of care. -The theory should help you select a medical or nursing diagnosis & guide your plan of care. -A Genogram must be attached to paper as an Appendix to the paper. -Do not identify the family in the paper, only use initials within in the paper and the genogram. -At least 3 generations should be included. (See attached info for Genogram)

Economic Factors:

Does the community of this ethnicity operate it’s own clinic, neighborhood health center, adult day care center, or nursing home? How does the patient/family pay for health care services?

Does the patient/family have health care policies on all members? Will health care providers in the community work with them to collectively pay for services, or make payment plans?

Who is the principal wage earner in the family? What is the income level? Are there any other sources of financial support? Do they have insurance?

What impact does the economic status have on the patient/family lifestyle and living conditions?

What has been the patient/family experience with health care?

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