What did you learn about this topic that surprised you?

This assignment will allow you to take an in depth look at one of the topics MOST INTERESTING to you.
1. Go to the EEOC website. http://www.eeoc.gov/
2. Choose a broad category such as race gender disability religion national origin age genetics sexual orientation and so on. Research all the information provided on the EEOC website about that broad subject.
3. Choose one narrower aspect of that subject such as racial profiling or pregancy or sexual harassment or religious accommodation to name JUST A FEW and research that topic in depth.
4. Write a 1-2 page paper outlining what you learned about that topic. Use your own words. Just using the words written on the website is Plagiarism and is a violation of our Academic Integrity Policy. If you want to use a quote from the website make sure you use quotations and give reference to the website.
5. To help you focus your paper you MUST answer these questions in the paper itself:
* Why did you choose this particular topic?
*What did you learn about this topic that surprised you?
*How will knowing about this topic help you in your career?
*How does this topic relate to what you are studying in this class and in the other Business classes you have/are taking?
If you have trouble narrowing your topic here is a sample search you can follow for your broad catergory to find a narrower topic:
Broad Catergory a student may choose: Religion Discrimination
1. On the Purple/Blue tool bar on the EEOC website I clicked on Employer
2. In that area it lists all the different discrimination categories.
3. I chose Religion.
4. At that part of the site on the right hand side there are narrow aspects of that broad category of Religion under the For more information see: category.
5. I clicked on Policy and Guidance
6. I saw Questions and Answers: Religious Discrimination in the Workplace and clicked on that.
7. Then I scrolled down saw a couple paragraphs on religious harassment and decided I was interested in that topic.
8. I read all about religious harassment there. Then I backed out of that information to the home page and found the Search box at the top of the page typed in religious harassment and found all kinds of information articles cases ect on religious harassment.
This is where you will find the information for your paper.

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