What are the current policies, debates, controversies, etc. related to the topic?

Overview of Research Paper:
Throughout the course, you will complete a research project that will allow you to utilize your research skills and knowledge of sociology. This project is designed to strengthen your research skills and your ability to critically analyze social issues. You will complete your project in a series of three assignments that will result in the submission of a 10+ page research paper. The assignments are as follows:
· Assignment One: Research Topic/Outline due Week Two.
· Assignment Two: Annotated Bibliography due Week Four.
· Assignment Three: Research Paper due Week 7.
In this course, we will address many topics related to gender and society (socialization, media, health, religion, deviance, family, workplace, etc.). The research paper should show a comprehension and analysis of the course readings and course objectives. The weekly readings and sociological theories should serve as a beginning point for your paper and should be incorporated into the final paper.
For the research paper, you will need to select a topic of interest that is related to the course and readings. Incorporate related, scholarly materials (minimum of 10 sources) into your analysis. Also incorporate instructor feedback as you complete each step of the project. A list of potential topics is included below. You will select a topic that interests you and provide a critical analysis of the topic and it’s relevance in contemporary society.
Assignment One:
The first written assignment requires you to select an appropriate research topic for this course and to submit an outline of how you wish to analyze the topic. Select a topic that is interesting to you that is also related to the course topics and materials. This paper should be a new project and not a paper that has been completed for any other course. Identify your topic and how it relates to the course. How is your topic a relevant issue regarding gender? How will you pursue a critical analysis of this topic? After you provide a 1-page description of your topic, include a 2-page outline of how you plan to structure the paper. The following points from the paper should be addressed in your outline:
1. The background, current, and future issues related to your topic
a. Explain the background/history of the topic. What events, laws, policies, etc. have been related to the topic?
b. How do these factors describe why your topic is an important social issue today?
c. What are the current policies, debates, controversies, etc. related to the topic?
d. How does the topic affect contemporary society?
e. What social change do you predict will occur in relation to this topic in the future?
2. The course materials and social theories that relate to your topic.
a. Which theoretical perspectives best support your argument?
c. How does your topic relate to the course and readings?
3. Critical analysis of topic
a. Clearly state your research question
b. Discuss the relationship between gender and your selected topic
Potential topics include (but are not limited to):
· Sexism in the Media
· Parental Leave in the Workplace
· The Gender Pay Gap
· Violence Against Women
· The Feminist Movement
· Gender and Body Image
· Sexual harassment
Paper Requirements:
3 pages in length
Follow APA formatting guidelines
Include a title page
Submit your paper no later than Sunday at 11:55 pm of Week Two.
DISCLAIMER: “Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.”
Assignment 1 meets the following course objectives:
Evaluate theories that address the social construction of gender.
Demonstrate the ability to identify, locate, and retrieve information related to the topics in the course.
Develop written communication skills and critical thinking skills.
Apply American Psychological Association formatting and citation style when completing course assignments.
Rubric for Homework One: Research Topic and Outline
Grading Criteria
Overall Structure and organization 10
Description of topic 10
How topic is relevant to the course 10
How you will pursue critical analysis of topic 10
Spelling and Grammar 10
APA formatting 10
Background of topic 10
Present day issues 10
Future of research topic 10
Social theories that relate to topic 10

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