What approaches will you take to obtain a job in that field?

Industry Analysis
look closely at the industry they intend to pursue in their professional career. Students who do not have a specific career goal just yet should plan to write on one
of their possible career interests. Those with goals not specific to a single field should choose any industry they are interested in for the purposes of this
This response must address the following:
Part I The Industry
Overview: What are the major corporations within the industry?
A Specific Company/Corporation: Of those mentioned above choose one company and expand:
General Information: Where are they located? Are there branch offices? How many people do they employ? What kinds of products and services do they provide?
Provide a brief history. When was it established? By whom? Has the company changed from its inception? How?
Who are the major players i.e. who are the executives entrepreneurs development experts etc.? Discuss their educational background professional experience
and reputation.
Products or services: What are their top sellers? Are these products selling well?
Reputation: What is the companys reputation for customer relations? What is their reputation as an employer? How well are they doing financially?
What are the present trends in that industry? Is the field growing? Diminishing? What are the newest developments? Who are they hiring?
Part II You
What particular jobs are you interested in?
What approaches will you take to obtain a job in that field?
Your educational plan: What classes will you take and when will you take them? How will your core classes prepare you? How will your electives prepare you?
Preparation: What areas do you plan to work on (outside of school) to prepare yourself for finding employment? Examples: entry-level jobs related to the field?
Internships? Approaches to networking to gain access to other in the field? Organizations to join or conferences to attend?
This paper should clearly communicate the nuances of the chosen industry. You must communicate this information to a wide audience one not necessarily familiar
with the specific industry nor up-to-date in certain forms of technology being addressed. Your industry analysis especially in terms of the newer developments and
trends can become extremely complex and technical. Knowing that eventually you will have to gain skill in explaining the complexities of your work to others its
important that you keep your audience in mind.
A major component of this paper and the reason its assigned is to get you familiar with your intended field before graduation. Part II of this paper is about
you and for you. You may use words like I and my but I encourage you to take great care to avoid those unless theyre ABSOLUTELY necessary to convey the idea.
Heres an example:
The field of programming is especially fascinating due to its
Remember that your name is on the paperyour reader will make the connection.
One section that is often underdeveloped is the approach you plan to take to obtain work in the field and the specific classes/educational experiences you will
need. This is a significant component of your analysis. Specifics are required names and descriptions of classes (past present & future) full explanations as to
how they will prepare you for the field specific professional affiliations internships etc.

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