Sociology is the study of groups of people and their cultures, customs, and practices. Because this topic is so broad, and our culture is always changing, the possibilities for writing and research are endless.

This article will cover a list of Sociology Research Topics.

How to Find a Perfect Sociology Research Topic?

In the research paper writing process, topic selection is the initial step that plays a vital role in boosting your grades.

For your sociology research paper, you can investigate any topic right from ethnicity to gender stereotyping in society. As the social trends are rapidly changing, you will have endless research topic options. Usually, when you have multiple topic ideas, choosing one ideal topic from it would be more tedious.

Hence, you should invest more time and choose the best topic wisely. In case, your professor didn’t give you any specific sociology topic, then this is what you should do.

  • Firstly, identify the sociology research area that you are interested in.
  • Secondly, from your preferred sociology area, gather all the ideas with good research scope.
  • Thirdly, conduct basic research on the collected ideas and eliminate the ones with less information.
  • Fourthly, analyze all the shortlisted research ideas and pick a sociology research topic that is comfortable for you to do research and write about.
  • Finally, confirm the topic only if meets the research paper writing guidelines shared by your university or professor.

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Tips on How to Choose a Good Topic for Sociology Research

Choosing a good topic for your sociology research should clearly outline a problem or make an argument that you want to make. It is recommended to avoid too general or vague statements that can be read or understood differently.

The trick is to come up with those Sociology topics that inspire you and help your readers to find the solutions. Remember about plagiarism issues by always referencing each source and quote that you have. Here are the steps to consider as you make your choice:

  1. Think over good ideas as you research your sociology research paper topics.
  2. Choose only something that inspires you.
  3. Address relevant social issues.
  4. Compose a list of keywords that relate to your topic idea.
  5. Think over relevant sources as you compose your thesis statement.
  6. Always narrow your topic down to reflect the precise problem.
  7. Identify the sociology research methodology for your paper.
  8. Provide not only your opinion but the counter-arguments as well.
  9. Remember to compose your Bibliography in advance as you encounter each useful source.
  10. Always make your topic’s wording related to your thesis statement.

Sociology Research Topics

Easy Sociology Research Topics

  1. Impact of social media on individuals
  2. How the media portrays women and why
  3. Living with transgender individuals in the neighborhood
  4. The evolving social stratification
  5. How social activity leads to the development of scientific knowledge.
  6. Is it possible to achieve social stability?
  7. Discuss the forces that influence individual behavior in society
  8. The influence of face to face interactions
  9. Human factors influencing site selection
  10. How to improve social and living conditions

Sociology Research Topics for College Students

  1. Social status in modern society.
  2. Discussions in sociological science on this subject.
  3. Society as a sociology studying object.
  4. Society: mechanisms of development & destruction.
  5. Globalization and society development.
  6. Student youth as a socio-professional group.
  7. The level of your future profession prestige & the prospects for its change.
  8. Social regulators of human behavior.
  9. Sociological studies of marriage and family.
  10. Problems of relations between generations.
  11. Conflicts in the youth environment.
  12. Ways to overcome interpersonal conflicts.
  13. Concept life quality and its main parameters.
  14. Formation features & trust expression in social interactions.
  15. Self-realization values ​​in the structure of value consciousness.
  16. Theoretical and methodological peculiarities of social networks research.
  17. Social capital: sociological study directions.
  18. Tolerance as a society feature.
  19. Ethnic subcultures as localization models in the modern globalization space.
  20. Patriotism in the representations of modern youth.
  21. The concept of social mobility and its modern development.
  22. Contemporary parenthood: features and change trends.
  23. Motherhood as a concerning practice: conceptual approaches to research.
  24. Catastrophes consequences in public life.
  25. Sociological studies of health and its social dimensions.

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Sociology Research Topics
Sociology Research Topics

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Sociology Research Topics on Culture and Lifestyle

  1. The general effects of art in everyday life
  2. The rising significance of prostitution
  3. Should babies be circumcised or get piercings even with their inability to give consent?
  4. The role and importance of music in human culture
  5. The significance of different dress culture
  6. Addressing the controversy of the LGBTQ community
  7. The rising awareness of women prowess in the society
  8. Feminism and its effect on the changing society
  9. Does traveling affect one’s life positively or negatively?
  10. What secret societies entail
  11. Should there be a universal ideal marriage culture
  12. The abuse of over-the-counter drugs and its effect on health
  13. The role that humans play in global warming
  14. African culture and beliefs Sociology topics on Rape, Crimes, and Abuse
  15. Ways that people get abused emotionally and physically without knowing
  16. Addressing abuse from lecturer/ teacher to student in institutions of learning
  17. Ways that you abuse people emotionally and physically without knowing
  18. The growing culture of blackmail through sex
  19. The still occurring practice of kids marriage in different communities
  20. Empowering women for self-defense
  21. Helping rape victims overcome trauma
  22. Why do abusers do what they do?
  23. Should the punishment for rapists and abusers be more severe?
  24. The implications of the death sentence on criminals
  25. Looking into Innocent people that have served jail terms for crimes they did not commit.
  26. Employee – employer bully
  27. The importance of educating the male gender against rape
  28. Factors responsible for rape
  29. Drugs abuse and its effect on the society

Sociology Research Topics About Art, Food, Music, and Culture

  1. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?
  2. How has globalization changed local culture?
  3. What role does food play in cultural identity?
  4. Does technology use affect people’s eating habits?
  5. How has fast food affected society?
  6. How can clean eating change a person’s life for the better?
  7. Should high-sugar drinks be banned from school campuses?
  8. How can travel change a person for the better?
  9. How does music affect the thoughts and actions of teenagers?
  10. Should performance artists be held partially responsible if someone is inspired by their music to commit a crime?
  11. What are some examples of cultural misappropriation?
  12. What role does music play in cultural identity?

Sociology Research Topics on Gender

  1. Discuss the roles of men and women in politics
  2. Evaluate the gender discrimination in sports
  3. What is the future of gender norms?
  4. What is gender identity?
  5. Why are so few women in STEM?
  6. Describe the importance of gender studies for children
  7. Explain the gender roles in the family
  8. How do gender studies affect self-esteem?
  9. Gender stereotypes in the media. Discuss.
  10. What are some important women’s rights in different countries?

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Sociology Research Topics About Social Solutions and Cultural Biases

  1. What (if any) are the limits of free speech in a civil society?
  2. What are some reasonable solutions to overpopulation?
  3. What are some ways in which different types of media content influence society’s attitudes and behaviors?
  4. What is the solution to stop the rise of homegrown terrorism in the U.S.?
  5. Should prescription drug companies be allowed to advertise directly to consumers?
  6. Is the global warming movement a hoax? Why or why not?
  7. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  8. Should more gun control laws be enacted in the U.S.?
  9. What bias exists against people who are obese?
  10. Should polygamy be legal in the U.S.? Why or why not?
  11. Should there be a legal penalty for using racial slurs?
  12. Should the legal working age of young people be raised or lowered?
  13. Should the death penalty be used in all cases involving first-degree murder?
  14. Should prisons be privately owned? Why or why not?
  15. What is privilege? How is it defined and how can it be used to gain access to American politics and positions of power?
  16. How are women discriminated against in the workplace?
  17. What role does feminism play in current American politics?
  18. What makes a patriot?
  19. Compare/analyze the social views of Plato and Aristotle
  20. How has labor migration changed America?
  21. What important skills have been lost in an industrialized West?
  22. Is the #MeToo movement an important one? Why or why not?
  23. What conflict resolution skills would best serve us in the present times?
  24. How can violence against women be dealt with to lower incidence rates?

Sociology Research Topics About Education

  1. Should students be allowed to take any subject they want in High School and avoid the ones they don’t like?
  2. How should bullies be dealt with in our country’s schools?
  3. Do standardized tests improve education or have the opposite effect?
  4. Should school children be forced to go through metal detectors?
  5. What is the best teacher/student ratio for enhanced learning in school?
  6. Do school uniforms decrease teasing and bullying? If so, how?
  7. Should teachers make more money?
  8. Should public education be handled through private enterprises (like charter schools)?
  9. Should religious education be given priority over academic knowledge?
  10. How can schools help impoverished students in ways that won’t embarrass them?
  11. What are ethical values that should be considered in education?
  12. Is it the state’s role or the parents’ role to educate children? Or a combination of both?
  13. Should education be given more political priority than defense and war?
  14. What would a perfect educational setting look like? How would it operate and what subjects would be taught?

Sociology Research Topics About Marriage and Family

  1. How should a “family” be defined? Can it be multiple definitions?
  2. What is a traditional role taken on by women that would be better handled by a man (and vice versa)?
  3. How has marriage changed in the United States?
  4. What are the effects of divorce on children?
  5. Is there a negative effect on children who are adopted by a family whose ethnicity is different than their own?
  6. Can children receive all they need from a single parent?
  7. Does helicopter parenting negatively affect children?
  8. Is marriage outdated?
  9. Should teens have access to birth control without their parents’ permission?
  10. Should children be forced to show physical affection (hugs, etc.) to family members they’re uncomfortable around?
  11. What are the benefits (or negative impact) of maintaining traditional gender roles in a family?
  12. Are social networks safe for preteens and teens? Why or why not?
  13. Should the government have a say in who can get married?
  14. What (if any) are the benefits of arranged marriages?
  15. What are the benefits for (or negative impact on) children being adopted by LGBTQ couples?
  16. How long should two people date before they marry?
  17. Should children be forced to be involved in activities (such as sports, gymnastics, clubs, etc.), even when they’d rather sit at home and play video games all day?
  18. Should parents be required to take a parenting class before having children?
  19. What are potential benefits to being married but choosing not to have children?

Generational Sociology Research Topics

  1. Should communities take better care of their elderly? How?
  2. What are some generational differences among Generations X, Y, and Z?
  3. What benefits do elderly people get from interaction with children?
  4. How has Generation Y changed the country so far?
  5. What are the differences in communication styles between Generation X and Generation Y (Millennials)?
  6. Why could we learn from our elders that could not be learned from books?
  7. Should the elderly live with their immediate family (children and grandchildren)? How would this resolve some of our country’s current problems?
  8. What are some positive or negative consequences to intergenerational marriage?
  9. Sociology explores themes of community and relationships, including marriage and family.

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Spiritualism, religion, and superstition Sociology Research Topics

  1. Why do some people believe in magic?
  2. What is the difference between religion and spiritualism?
  3. Should a government be a theocracy? Why or why not?
  4. How has religion helped (or harmed) our country?
  5. Should religious leaders be able to support a particular candidate from their pulpit?
  6. How have religious cults shaped the nation?
  7. Should students at religious schools be forced to take state tests?
  8. How has our human connection with nature changed while being trapped in crowded cities?
  9. Which generation from the past 200 years made the biggest impact on culture with their religious practice and beliefs? Explain your answer.

Political Sociology Research Topics

  1. Discuss the formation of the modern state
  2. How the information age brings personal freedom?
  3. What does sociology say about free will?
  4. Why people participate in crowds, and how participation shapes social order.
  5. Why some risks are perceived as greater than others by governments?
  6. How can people create social institutions?
  7. How can sociology be applied in our daily political decisions?
  8. Why is sociology important in the modern political world?
  9. Can sociology explain everything about society and politics?
  10. Which form of government can explain sociology in a better way?

Addiction and Mental Health Sociology Research Topics

  1. How should our society deal with addicts?
  2. What are ethical values that should be considered in mental health treatment?
  3. Should mental health be required coverage on all insurance policies?
  4. Is mental health treatment becoming less stigmatized?
  5. How would better access to mental health change our country?
  6. What are some things we’re addicted to as a society that are not seen as “addiction,” per se?
  7. Should medicinal marijuana be made legal?
  8. What are some alternative treatments for mental health and wellness instead of antidepressants?
  9. Has social media helped or harmed our society?
  10. Are video games addictive for young people and what should be done to curb the addiction?
  11. Should all recreational drugs be made legal?
  12. How has mental health treatment changed in the past 20 years?
  13. Should recreational marijuana be made legal?
  14. How is family counseling a good option for families going through conflict?

Sociology Research Topics on Interpersonal Communication

  1. Compare the verbal and written communication forms.
  2. How does reading affect verbal communication?
  3. Explain the behavioral patterns encountered online.
  4. What are the consequences of texting language and communication skills?
  5. Describe the role of flexibility and motivation in interpersonal patterns.
  6. Discuss the art of data perception.
  7. How does teamwork affect interpersonal skills?
  8. Why does conflict resolution not always work in interpersonal conflicts?
  9. Explain social cognition in preschool children.
  10. Describe the use of language and verbal codes in interpersonal communication.

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Related FAQs

1. What are some good topics for sociology research?

Sociologists study culture and society, so there are many great ideas for sociology research related to these broad areas. Relationships are ideal subject matter for sociology papers. There are many options to consider, including subjects related to family, marriage, dating, and friendships.

2. How to write a sociological research paper?

Choose an appropriate sociology research method. Define your topic as a focused research question. As previously discussed, sociological studies cover different areas of life. It ranges from simple social psychology topics to social science topics.

3. What is a sociological topic?

By contrast, topics in sociology are more narrowly focused – they normally deal with the study of the structure, development, and functioning of human society, including social relationships, various social institutions and interactions between them.

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