170 Best Controversial Speech Topics

Today’s world is a complicated place. With political and social unrest on the rise, it can be difficult to know what is and isn’t appropriate to say in public. This is especially true when it comes to controversial speech topics, like immigration or race relations.

This article covers a list of over 170 controversial speech topics.

What is a Speech?

Speech is a form of communication through the use of words. It is an act done with the intention of influencing someone else’s thoughts or feelings. Speech can be controversial, but it is also a way to express ideas and beliefs.

There are a few types of speech:

1. Oral speech is speech that is done with the mouth. This includes speaking in public and speaking to someone face-to-face.

2. Written speech is speech that is done with a pen or a keyboard. This includes writing essays, letters, and reports.

3. Electronic speech is speech that is done through communication devices like cell phones and computers.

Speech can be positive or negative. Positive speech is when someone tries to encourage others or motivate them. Negative speech is when someone tries to discourage others or make them feel bad.

Speech can also be formal or informal. Formal speech is when people use specific language and follow specific rules. Informal speech is when people don’t use any specific language and they can be more spontaneous.

Speech can also be constructive or destructive. Constructive speech is when people try to solve problems or create solutions. Destructive speech is when people use language to argue or attack others.

Speech can also be funny or serious. Funny speech is when people use humor to make their points. Serious speech is when people use seriousness to make their points.

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What is a Controversial Speech?

A controversial speech is one that may elicit strong feelings from either the speaker or the audience.

Some of the most common controversial speech topics include political speeches, religious sermons, and speeches made by celebrities.

Some people may find the speaker’s ideas to be valuable and important, while others may find them to be offensive or inappropriate.

It is important to remember that even if a speech is controversial, it is still protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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Controversial Speech Topics
Controversial Speech Topics

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Controversial Speech Topics

The following are some of the more controversial speech topics that have come up in recent years.

  1. Free Speech and Offensive Speech
  2. Hate Speech
  3. Slavery and Human Trafficking
  4. Gun Control
  5. Affirmative Action
  6. Immigration and the Issues Surrounding It
  7. Racism and Racial Discrimination
  8. Climate Change
  9. Ending the warrant for seizure and search requirement
  10. Electoral College abolishment
  11. Jury abolishment
  12. The “double jeopardy” rule should/should not be abolished
  13. Public officials should/should not be randomly tested for drugs
  14. Feminism is/is not relevant today
  15. There should/should not be public schools open to only one race
  16. It is/is not justifiable to force gay/lesbian celebrities out of the closet in the interest of gay rights
  17. Polygamy should/should not be legal
  18. Countries that benefited from slavery should/should not compensate the descendants of slaves
  19. Schools should/should not have the right to search students’ lockers
  20. Voting rights in the united nations general assembly should/should not be restricted countries with democratic political systems
  21. Violent video games should/should not be banned or restricted
  22. Abortion: Pro-choice vs. Pro-life
  23. Suing rights abuse
  24. The definition of agnosticism is skepticism about theology.
  25. All athletes get mandatory drug assessments
  26. America should avoid getting into the problems of other nations
  27. Are guns risky, or is it the use that is risky?
  28. Outlawing animal experimentation and testing
  29. Public breastfeeding
  30. Are the death penalty and capital punishment necessary or barbaric?
  31. College should be available to everyone
  32. What makes living in the city better than the countryside?
  33. It’s the municipal government’s responsibility to raise free Wi-Fi hotspots across the city
  34. How should the nation deal with people who don’t stand up for the pledge?
  35. Our country should join the rest of the world and use the metric system
  36. Should the USA make a certain period compulsory for community service for all citizens?
  37. Is it justified to provide the elderly with free public transportation use?
  38. Will appointing responsible police officers rid the nation of drunk driving?
  39. Is it justified to obligate the public to clear their sidewalks from the snow?
  40. Would restricting the number of children that one can have control the population?
  41. Should obese people pay for two seats at entertainment venues and public transport?
  42. Why do stereotypes exist?
  43. The current running campaigns against poverty are not effective
  44. Jails are overcrowded with convicts in the USA
  45. How justified is social dwarfism?
  46. Should convicts also exercise their right to vote?
  47. Raising awareness about feminism is crucial in everyday life
  48. Human life has improved significantly in the past century
  49. Paparazzi and stalkers continue to violate people’s privacy
  50. Shouldn’t the internet connection be free of charge?
  51. Everyone has a right to connect to the internet
  52. It is important to always stay open-minded all the time
  53. How can you bring good to your community today?
  54. Nothing makes a good community as one in perfect harmony
  55. Why you should avoid buying at Walmart
  56. Being polite gets you places
  57. It never hurts to be good to your neighbor
  58. Is common core hurting or helping?
  59. Bribery in Journalism
  60. Bribery in the law enforcement force
  61. Tactics used in detention facilities
  62. Prescription of medical marijuana by doctors to severe patients should be allowed
  63. Double standard among women and men in workspaces
  64. Teenage age for driving
  65. Privacy and security concerns in electronic voting
  66. Morals in medicine
  67. Farmer financial fortification against drought and pests
  68. Gay Matrimony
  69. Financial institutions and banks bailout by the government
  70. Child labor has to be outlawed by the government
  71. Gun regulation vs. the second amendment liberties
  72. Sexual harassment offenders need harsher punishment
  73. Hate crimes
  74. Outlaw use of client genetic information by health insurance firms
  75. Grades inflate diplomas/certificates from high
  76. High rates taxation
  77. Good students should have the preserve of higher education
  78. Accessibility of HIV tests in drugs should compare to that of pregnancy tests.
  79. Charities must be held accountable for donation allocations
  80. An effective remedy for rural areas and far-flung areas is homeschooling
  81. People who buy hummers are sad and overcompensate
  82. Effecting hunting restrictions to specific areas is a must
  83. Laws and restrictions on illegal immigration
  84. Legal immigration is tough
  85. Alcohol has a more significant negative impact on society than marijuana
  86. Use of certain performance-enhancing drugs should/should not be allowed by athletes
  87. Condoms should/should not be offered in high schools
  88. The voting age should be lowered to 16
  89. Parental consent should/should not be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions
  90. Even the most professional team wouldn’t stand a chance using a name like Yellowface
  91. Do cheerleaders really count as sportspeople?
  92. Are our school teams are overfunded?
  93. It’s not justifiable to use ethnical-cultural details in team’s names
  94. What attributes make you the sportsman you need to be?
  95. Sports is about pushing your limits
  96. Why doesn’t the media play more women’s sports?
  97. Women’s sports are apparently less interesting to the media
  98. Drug tests for professional athletes are still not a must
  99. Is it fair that professional athletes earn such ridiculous amounts of money?
  100. Shouldn’t college team players also be treated as professionals and receive financial rewards?
  101. Bike-sharing is apparently more than just a fresh trend
  102. Support crew such as mascots and marching bands should also be regarded as sportspeople
  103. Sports get so much attention that everything else seems to matter less
  104. Physical training is overrated
  105. The existing safety precautions set for athletes are not sufficient
  106. Gym classes should focus more on practical physical skills
  107. Swimming does not always receive the respect it deserves
  108. The best athletes in the world know never to give up
  109. Sports is all about patience and dedication
  110. Anyone can be a sportsperson and be the best at anything
  111. You simply need to put your mind to what you want to do and work to get there
  112. Your physical appearance shouldn’t prevent you from participating in sports
  113. All sports are good sports
  114. The best athletes mind their diets
  115. Professional sportspeople also have problems
  116. You shouldn’t overthink your competition
  117. Are sports gender-biased?
  118. Gay couples should/should not be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals in adopting children
  119. Couples should/should not be banned from adopting children overseas
  120. The USA and its allies should/should not have invaded Afghanistan
  121. Age discrimination should/should not be made illegal in the workplace
  122. Age of consent laws should/should not be lowered
  123. Nursing homes standard improvement
  124. Is an insanity plea an excuse?
  125. Persistence will help you achieve results
  126. Confidence is vital to any undertaking
  127. Personal development is never enough
  128. Your looks will greatly influence your success
  129. How you can benefit from a stressful situation
  130. There is no standard time management tip for everyone
  131. Why you should not overthink your life
  132. Zeal is vital in mastering anything
  133. Confront your stresses and depression using art
  134. Self-actualization is highly overrated
  135. Global satellite news dissemination offers a threat to native cultures.
  136. Can society gain from multiculturalism?
  137. It is crucial for women to is it crucial for women to advance careers before kids
  138. Religion and Religious Speech
  139. Can you use fast food if you become obese?
  140. Forbidding the use of explicit language on daytime television helps the cause
  141. It is legal to possess a deadly firearm in the United States
  142. What is the legal age for driving in the nation?
  143. Should the elderly be allowed to drive?
  144. The country should outlaw driving motorbikes without helmets
  145. An illegal immigrant should not be allowed to drive in the country
  146. Should the nation outlaw the use of unauthorized music or films?
  147. The country could do well to outlaw the use of mobile phones while driving
  148. How exactly should drinking drivers be punished?
  149. The country could do with outlawing public smoking
  150. Should gambling remain legal?
  151. The legal benefits of gambling and online casinos
  152. At what age do you become eligible for social security?
  153. Will legalizing medicinal marijuana be in the country’s interest?
  154. Should recycling become mandatory?
  155. Bullying should be considered a full-scale crime
  156. Being too loud isn’t entirely a crime
  157. The current voting age should be lowered. My thoughts
  158. Music in MP3 formats is always free for promo material
  159. Better music with better sound quality should always be for sale
  160. Music contributes to both society and the individual
  161. Music is the most effective way to make teenagers listen up
  162. Lyrics in songs should not be censored
  163. Guitar music is always better than synthetic
  164. All music is good music if it reaches the right audience
  165. Not every music is always appropriate for children
  166. Being in a moving car without fastening your seatbelt should be punished more severely
  167. Being clean significantly improves your personal health and professional wellbeing
  168. Few simple rules for hiking
  169. The dangers of camping in the forest
  170. Abortion

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Related FAQs

1. What are controversial speech themes?

Controversial speech themes are those that elicit strong feelings and can divide friends, communities, and families. The topic must pique the reader’s interest, causing them to read the essay.

2. What is a controversial topic for an essay?

Controversial speech themes are those that elicit strong feelings and can divide friends, communities, and families. The topic must pique the reader’s interest, causing them to read the essay. Subjects can cover a wide range of difficulties that society and the globe as a whole face daily.

3. What is a controversial speech topic?

Controversial speech topics refer to the subjects that evoke passionate opinions that can split friends, communities, and families. The topic must draw the attention of the readers so that they read the essay. Subjects can range on a variety of issues facing society and the world as a whole every day.

4. What is controversy in politics?

Controversy is where politics are born. There’s usually some point of disagreement about any matter related to public affairs – that’s why a politician’s main job is to debate and come to an agreement (ideally) on how to handle these issues. Or, as political scientist Harold Lasswell put it succinctly, politics is, “Who gets what, when, how.”

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