The three gorges dam

The three gorges dam is the largest dam in history that has been recently constructed in the republic of China. The dam is in central China and is fed by the Yangtze River. It has mega turbines that produce 18000 megawatts of electrical power. The dam provides about three percent of China’s energyrequirements. The dam has brought conflicting social, economic and environmental costs that have affected the immediate society and the world (Roseberry, Buhmann and Morsing 2013).

Socially the construction of the dam resulted in massive displacement of populations from the site. The dam covers a large area, before construction the area was inhabited by large populations which relocated to towns increasing population stress in urban areas. There have been frequent conflicts between relocates and locals resulting in death of many.Construction of the dam has had adverse effects economically. It has resulted in loss of economic resources like medicinal flora, valuable fertile top soil for farming activities and biodiversity. The dam environmentally is a threat both locally and globally (Roseberry, Buhmann and Morsing, 2013). One of the immediate environmental effects is a rise in the number of landslides. The dam is also causing massive flooding in the area which is affecting biodiversity in the area. The dam has gradual adverse effects on the global climate.

On a personal view the dam is more of a disaster than a benefit. The dam has resulted in massive environmental degradation which includes massive soil erosion. Many lives have been lost through flooding and conflicts. The dam which was primarily constructed to reduce flooding along the course of the Yangtze River has resulted in over one million deaths in the notorious floods. Holding enough water in the dam can slow the rotation of the earth. Despite catering for the energy needs, the project has more environmental and social costs.The United States export and the world banks refused to support the project.

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