The health care organisation is making use of both verbal as well as non-verbal modes of communication.


Communication plays a vital role in any organisation. Communication helps in establishing a link between an DEVELOPING CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS TOOLorganisation and its stakeholders. In this study, discussion will be made on ways adopted by J.K hospital for opening a new hospital. In order to open a new hospital, it is important to communicate different methods and strategies to the local authorities as well as advertising agencies so that they are able to choose effective promotional agencies for disseminating information regarding their new hospital.

Target audience

The target audience for the new hospital is the individuals, who are in need of healthcare treatments. The authorities of JK hospital has decided to focus on those individuals who are facing problem in accessing to health care facilities due to high cost. JK hospital is intended to provide health ace facilities to low income groups. They will provide health care services at a comparatively lower cost in compare to other hospitals. It is often found that the low-income groups are unable to get access to health care facilities due to their low income and therefore the hospital has tried to segment their market based on income (Straub & Whalen, 2013). It has enabled the hospital to get their target audience. They are going to communicate information regarding their new hospital through billboards and television advertisements.

The health care organisation is making use of both verbal as well as non-verbal modes of communication. In order to understand verbal communication, JK hospital is conducting a face-to-face conversation with the local authorities as well as the local peoples so that they are able to provide information regarding their initiative centered with the launch of their new hospital. A clinical team will conduct this conversation with both internal as well as external stakeholders. Verbal communication will give an opportunity to the organisation to get a clear view of the scope of opening their new health care unit. Non-verbal communication will be conducted through social networking sites as well as through television advertisements.


Effective communication enables an organisation to complete their specific task within stipulated time (Airey et al. 2015). If an organisation is able to communicate its objectives to their employees then it will definitely going to achieve success. In order to establish a communication between management and its employees, an effective communication tool has to be chosen by the organisation. JK hospital has used intranet, internet and face-to-face conversations for promoting their new hospital.

Verbal communication will enable the organisation to directly address their target audience (Wahoush & Banfield, 2014). It will provide a case to the stakeholders to understand the message of the authorities of JK hospital in an effective way. The clinical team, who are going to address the stakeholders, will get a scope to see the reaction of the people regarding their new hospital and their get their feedbacks. It can help the organisation to get a clear understanding regarding the success of their new venture.

The main purpose of verbal communication is to communicate information without any kind of barrier and getting a scope for receiving direct feedbacks. It will help this organisation to directly interact with their target audience and get their viewpoints. Verbal communication will help in removing any sort of barrier.

Nonverbal communication can be adopted by the JK hospital for communicating information about their new hospital to a wide range of stakeholders. In order to promote their new hospital, the authorities of the hospital will choose social networking sites for getting a large number of audiences at a single platform. With the growth of internet, social media has become popular among people from all age groups. It is only platform that can be adopted by various business organisations for reaching to a wide range of audience. Apart from social networking sites, television advertisements and billboards will also be used by JK hospital for their promotional activities.


The name of the new hospital is JK hospital. This new hospital will be located in Sydney.


New hospitals demand fulfillment of certain values and principles. Health is one of the first priorities of an individual and so they expects quality in the health care services form a healthcare organisation. A healthcare organisation needs to adhere by certain rules and regulations for delivering quality service to their service users. It is the responsibility of the health care organisations to help the people to take care of their health (Aversa & MacCall, 2013). JK hospital has to face a number of challenges while launching their new venture. The new hospital will demand delivery of quality service to the people otherwise, it will bring a bad outcome for this organisation. They are required to devise strategies for their new hospital. In order to launch a new organisation, recruitment of staffs is held as important. The authorities might face problems regarding selection of their staffs. They are required to ensure whether they are able to recruit professionals. Staffs are regarded as the backbone of an organisation and so they are to be properly trained regarding handling of patients. The job of a healthcare professional is quite important because they are responsible for the life of a person and so they need to be trained properly (White et al. 2013). JK hospital is launching their new hospital in a new area and they will be facing a communication problem while dealing with the people of the new community. There will be required to effective medium for sharing information with the local people. The attitudes of local people can put impact over the hospital. The hospital management has to comply with the health care legislations of that new area. New hospitals might lose revenue due to lack of acceptability of the people. People required to time for building trust on a health care organisation (Crede & Borrego, 2014). JK hospital needs to plan strategies for strengthening their customer base. The organisation needs to identify the health priorities of the local people. This will help the organisation to gain customers. Organisations need to build relation with the local people for getting their trust. Management should make an assessment regarding health needs of their target group.

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