Teaching new mothers the importance of touch in relation to bonding

Teaching new mothers the importance of touch in relation to bonding
Essay: 2,500 words, related to the use of touch in your sphere of practice (nursing)

The focus of the essay is touch. The brief of the essay is broad, in order to allow students the freedom to focus on an area of study that links to their specific area of practice and interest.

The essay can be planned around a critical incident involving touch in clinical practice or a review of the literature in that area.

Your essay may include a physiological, psychological or sociological focus.

Students are reminded to be careful when accessing the literature to distinguish between touch that is therapeutic and ‘Therapeutic Touch’ which is a defined therapy. The therapy of ‘Therapeutic Touch’ is not covered in this module – and literature related to this should not be applied.

Please refer to the grading criteria when writing the essay.

Please remember that you need to integrate high quality literature into the essay- evidence based


Written Assessment – Ideas

A reflection of the use of touch when caring for a patient with: Dementia / Anxiety / Pain / End of Life Care /CVA etc.
The use of touch to build a therapeutic relationship with a client
A review of the literature relating to attachment theory in the context of touch (Bowlby)
The use of touch to relieve anxiety
Teaching new mothers the importance of touch in relation to bonding
The use of massage in childbirth
The use of massage in people with autism
Does touch have a beneficial effect on the levels of stress and cortisol hormone?
Does the use of simple massage relieve agitation in patients with dementia
A critical analysis of the effect of massage in providing pain relief for people with cancer
The physiological effect of touch and massage with patients who have suffered a CVA
The above are only suggestions and the highlighted one is the one in more interested in, however if you think you prefer a different topic we can discuss it

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