SWOT Analysis Australia | Swot Analysis Australian Government

SWOT Analysis Australia | Swot Analysis Australian Government
Strengths SWOT Analysis Australia
· Brand value

· Successful alumni

· Cost effective marketing strategy

· Proper expansion and several campuses in Australia

§ Fewer offerings of courses

§ Low level of distance courses

v Growing trend in the country regarding the higher education

v Growing number of the international students

v Rise of technology

o Sudden political instability

o Sharp competition

o Rise in cost of the educational equipment

Table: SWOT analysis of CQU SWOT Analysis Australia

(Source: Created by author) SWOT Analysis Australia

SWOT Analysis Australia | Swot Analysis Australian GovernmentSWOT Analysis Australia tabular format, the chief strength of the CQU is the exiting brand value and the successful list of alumni. This two can be promoted as the chief factor while doing the marketing campaign for the organisation. However there are possible weaknesses have also been identified, which includes the less number of courses. Thus CQU needs to incorporate several technical courses augmented with the real time technical exposure which can help them to attract the student of the new generation who is careerist and have the inclination to enhance their skills sets with higher education, as suggested by Bates, (2014). However, the rise of the technology can help in minimising the cost of the marketing and other allied cost of business operation. Moreover, Button, Harrington, & Belan, (2014) suggested that initiation of the online course through the distance education can mention as the another opportunity for the organisation.

Brand positioning

As identified by Furey, Springer and Parsons, (2014) brand positioning is the qualities or identities of a brand that is aimed to make a distinct position in the minds of the customers in relation to the competitors. As mentioned by Al Shobaki and Naser, (2017) in the context of universities, the brand value can be identified by the review of the students, the after-education placement of the students, the course fees, qualities of the faculty members and world class rankings. However, it may vary in different cases.

In the context of CQ University, the organisation has been identified by the students with a few pros and cons. The students identify the organisation highly in the context of regional facilities, low tuition fees, distance educational option, highly qualified and helpful teachers (Cqu.edu.au, 2017). On the other hand, they have identified the university low in the course verities.

The major brand value of the organisation lies in its extensive network of study centres even in the rural areas. Moreover, half of the students of the Central Queensland University are the distant learners. It is serving a high level of satisfaction among the students about the competitor universities. The low course fees are creating an attractive brand image to both the rural and international students.

SWOT Analysis Australia | Swot Analysis Australian Government

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