Social Issues Facing Kenya | Social Problems Facing Kenya Introduction Social Issues Facing Kenya

Social Issues Facing Kenya | Social Problems Facing Kenya
Social Issues Facing Kenya | Social Problems Facing Kenya Introduction Social Issues Facing Kenya

Social Issues Facing Kenya is a land endowed with many advantages and opportunities. Now, it is common for the international media to depict third world countries particularly in Africa as poverty laden. It is not a surprise that when most people hear of the nation of Kenya, the first idea that springs to their mind are slums and if not the wildlife and tourist safaris. True, Kenya, like any other nation in the world, does face its proportional share of economic, social and political strife. What is surprising however is that Kenya has the hallmarks of a nation that is on the verge of take-off to being an economic powerhouse; It has a tech-savvy population that is mostly literate, the politics are stable and its geographical location is such that it is the gateway to East and Central Africa. This therefore begs the question; why is Kenya a peripheral nation?

Reasons as to why Kenya is a Peripheral Nation and Probable Solutions

Prior to going to the reasons it is important to note that Kenya is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation. These tribes that are within the geographical borders of Kenya have little if any commonality with each other. Simply put, the borders created by colonialists ended up dividing some communities while grouping others into a new identity of Kenyan. As such, some issues from the past still stubbornly face the nation to this day.

Corruption and Tribalism

In Kenya corruption is in such levels that it has become somewhat an accepted norm. Offering and receiving bribes may be illegal but that has not stopped it from carrying on. What is even more worrying is that corruption, tribalism and politics mesh to form a trivalent. This happens when tribal leaders, who mostly happen to be the politicians of the day, use their tribes as shields of defense in order to hide from answering corruption charges. It is not a surprise that while the country has a harsh criminal justice system, there is yet to be any person who has been charged and imprisoned for the mega corruption charges that have regularly been cited in the nation. The high corruption environment has meant that the public has continuously lost money to corrupt individuals seriously slowing down any economic and social reforms that the country is ripe for. To address this, the country does indeed have an ethics and anti-corruption commission, however, it lacks the powers to arrest or conduct trials making it rather a toothless tiger. It does not help that individuals involved in mega corruption usually enjoy some form of political protection(“Contemporary Semiperipheral Development: the regimes and the movements”, 2017).

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