smartdraw facility design practice 1

Access SmartDraw® on ToolWire® through the Access SmartDraw® learning activity in Week One.

Complete the SmartDraw® Practice worksheet. This worksheet will provide you with instructions and prompts for the following:

  • Accessing SmartDraw® on ToolWire®
  • Practicing facility design in SmartDraw®
  • Submitting your design

*Missing Door

Step 3, bullet three, of the Facility Design Practice Worksheet correctly instructs you to add a door to the new room you have created by subdividing.

The layout in Step 4 does not show that door. Instead, it shows a room with no way to get in or out. That room should have a door.

Finally, you should add a door at each end of the long hallway. What good is a building or department that nobody can enter?

I will provide access information

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