research paper on the loaction of century city westfield mall in los angeles

For this assignment, you will be engaging with a different dimension of fieldwork: the past.
First, you are going to take a journey to the “archives” to get a sense of how your Century City Mall is seen by others, now and then.
You can do so in the following ways:
a) You can five articles in The Los Angeles Times that discuss Century City Mall at different
points of time.
b) If this isn’t possible, then find five articles on a Google News-aggregated website about Century City Mal and see what you find.

Second, you will use the Mapping LA feature of The Los Angeles Times( to briefly describe local demographic aspects of the neighborhood of Century City Mal. This is an “official,” bird’s eye view of place.
Third, you will ask three friends, strangers, or anybody that you have encountered over the course of your fieldwork about their perception of your field site. These conversations do not have to be long – 5-10 minutes, at most. As you do your interview, try to take notes without the use of a voice recorder.
Whatever you find, see if you can write it up into a brief history of place, how friends and family know or remember it, and then how the neighborhood looks statistically from a bird’s eye view.

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