Reflective discussion demonstrating your understanding of the professional, ethical and legal values that impact on nursing in a diverse society

Reflective discussion demonstrating your understanding of the professional, ethical and legal values that impact on nursing in a diverse society

Assignment Brief

Module Learning Outcomes

Please Note: If you follow the guidance in the assignment brief you will cover the learning outcomes listed below

1. Explore strategies to facilitate personal, professional and academic development.
All learning outcomes assessed through on-going formative feedback and a summative written assignment

2. Demonstrate an understanding of professional values and the ethical and legal frameworks which impact on the delivery of care within the four fields of nursing.
3. Discuss the concept of care within a diverse society.
4. Demonstrate how the attitudes, knowledge and skills developed within the module will inform practice.
Assignment Title: Reflective discussion demonstrating your understanding of the professional, ethical and legal values that impact on nursing in a diverse society.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to:

Discuss how content from the module will prepare you for your clinical practice
Evaluate how ethical and legal guidance, policies and evidence based practice impacts on nurses in providing care for patients in all four fields of nursing.
Address your thoughts and feelings in your developing role as a nurse
The assignment

Choose one model of reflection
You should choose a model of reflection to support the reflective process and ensure that you demonstrate use of the model in your discussion.

Using your chosen model, reflect on a theme within the module in relation to your own values, beliefs and learning in your development as a Nurse. You will then go on to discuss how you are going to use this learning in future personal development, academic work and clinical practice.

Please include the following in your assignment:

Why reflection is an important process in the development of the emotionally resilient nurse across the four fields of nursing, responding to feedback, experience and learning according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
Identify one theme that had an impact upon your learning during the module, reflect on why it had an impact on you and demonstrate understanding of the guidance you will need to be aware of as a developing professional nurse, and how this guidance can be used across the four fields of nursing.
A specific conclusion detailing the action points you have generated from the reflective discussion that will be put into place as part of your development as a student nurse that recognises the importance of diversity.
As this is a reflective academic discussion you can use the terms ‘I’ and ‘we’ throughout your assignment, however it is important to use literature and evidence to enhance and demonstrate your understanding of what you are reflecting on.

Word count

There is no +/- 10% rule. The maximum word allowance is 1500 words

For each section you must ensure your supply a balanced discussion.

Including references in your reflective writing

You are required to include references in the assignment, this should include:

Policy documents (from relevant bodies such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Royal College of Nursing etc.). You mustinclude the NMC Code of Conduct (2015) within your discussion.
Research (recent studies are best)
Theory (academic journals).
For the purpose of this assignment please do not cite and reference sources such as newspapers, news websites and instead use primary sources.
Using references will enable you to:

Support a discussion point (e.g. by referring to a policy and/or guideline)
To demonstrate understanding of why you may have had certain feelings or reactions about the theme you are discussing (e.g. by quoting a theory)
To justify why you plan to do something (e.g. a research paper might be used to show the value of developing a skill or of acquiring knowledge)
You must include an accurate reference list that follows University Harvard referencing guidelines at the end of your assignment. It is Health Faculty policy for you to submit a reference list rather than a bibliography. Please check if you are unsure.

Assignments must be submitted online via the assignment page on the

Word limit: 1500 words maximum

Ensure you understand the model and how you can use it in the four fields of Nurisng: Mental health, learning disability, child and Adult Nursing.

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