PRS305 Corporate Communications Public Relations | PR Communication

Preparing effective corporate communication literature

Intercultural communication, particularly in relation to Chinese people

Conflict management

Developing an effective organizational”culture”

Effective team communication

Ethical issues in PR

Roles of Corporate communications & PR writer

In order to improve corporate communication skills within the organization, John has asked you to advise him on the implementation of a training program for employees.

As the first step, you are to identify TWO areas of corporate communication& PR from those listed above that you think are especially important and will commence the process. You will need to justify your choice of areas, outline the content to be delivered and provide practical advice for its implementation. To be credible, it is important that your advice is based on factual information, expert opinion or research based concepts and knowledge relevant to business communication.

This task is to be presented in the form of a business report, with an introduction, information/analysis, conclusion and recommendations.

PRS305 Corporate Communications Public Relations | PR Communication
Yourreport must contain to a minimum of FIVE reference sources. Two of these must be academic journal referencessourced from the Elite’s library resources ( Other appropriate references would include your textbook (Argentis) and other PR Communication textbooks. If you use google or another search engine to find information, you should consider the issue of reliability.

NOTE: this is an academic exercise so you must use appropriate referencing techniques (Harvard format).

Length: About 3000 words including all appendices

Marking Criteria – Business Report

Student Name:

Marking Criteria

Comments Mark
CONTENT (10Marks)
• Suitable format?

• Contains the necessary parts?

• Logically structured?

• Submitted as required with a professionally worded transmission email?

ANALYSIS (10marks)
· Clearly outlines the issue to be addressed?

· Clearly shows use of theoretical concepts?

· Demonstrated applications & discussions of 2 areas of corporate communications & PR

· Develops a logical argument?

· Uses relevant evidence/material to support argument?

· Makes appropriate recommendations?

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