Provide a precise summation of the significance of your report and what has been learned.

Post – Traumatic stress disorder

Discuss the consequences associated with Post – Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the Different psychotherapies treatments and pharmacological interventions for PTSD. Discuss the role of a registered nurse in the recovery of patients with PTSD

Choose one (1) of the tutorial presentation topics and produce an in-depth written report on a question related to the chosen topic. You must choose a different topic to the one you have been allocated to present on. The list of topics is available on 302 subject Moodle site.
You are required to develop one (1) question related to your topic. From this you are to write a report investigating the question. Your report will include a section discussing recommendations for nursing practice.
Major Components of a Report
-Title Page
In a maximum of 200 words provide a precise summary of the whole report.
-Table of Contents
A list of the major and minor sections of your report.
Set the scene; give background information about the topic to establish why the report is important and to lead the reader to your research question.
Identify your question. State the aim/purpose of the investigation.
-Main Body
Discuss and critically analyse the evidence you have gathered to address your question.
Organise the sections with subheadings in a logical sequence to explore: what you investigated; what you found; and what interpretations and judgements can be made from the literature.
-Implications for Nursing
What is relevance of your discussion to mental health nursing practice? Utilise literature to explore implications.
Conclude the whole report.
Provide a precise summation of the significance of your report and what has been learned.
A list of all the sources you have used.
Any information (graphs, charts, tables or other data) you used in your report but did not include in the body.

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