Project Planning Management | Project Planning Definition

The following assignment is to be done cooperatively by your group and submitted as a single PDF file to the Blackboard Assessment Folder => Assignment01 Submit. You will be awarded a group mark for this assignment that will be moderated by your own contribution to provide your individual mark for the assignment. The group must submit a Group Contribution Report at the end of this assignment, showing the percentage contribution of each member.

Submission: Each group is to submit a single PDF file containing text and any other material pasted in as images. This means that any Excel spreadsheets, MS Project tables and an Assessment Item cover sheet should be combined into ONE single file in your word processor then converted to PDF. DO NOT submit one copy for each member of the group, but one for the group as a whole. The PDF file should be named INFT6304_Assignment01_groupname, where “groupname” is the group name you have chosen. Only one PDF document is permitted in the submission and this document should contain answers to all questions unless if the sub-questions ask for different types of submission (e.g. MS Project and Excel files, etc.)

Your submission will be checked for possible plagiarism and a similarity score will be available to you. DO NOT copy the work of other people, or make use of ANY other sources without declaring these in your assignment. Note that failure to follow the submission guideline will attract a heavy penalty on your assignment mark.

Question 1. [25 Marks]

In your team you should conduct an assessment of the following:

a)What are your own individual skills?

b)What do you each want to get out of this course?

c)What are the complementary skills in your group?

e) How are you going to work effectively as a team – explain any mechanisms or team standards that will you employ to ensure the team works effectively?

Instructions: Use the spreadsheet in the Assignment 01 folder (available in .xls formats) to identify the group member’s contact details and how the group will disseminate information, store and track documents. In addition, the skills of each member towards the team skill set should be clearly identified.

A separate section should provide a brief report (not more than 4 pages) identifying the aspirations of each member in terms of outcomes from the course and discuss how these aspirations and skills are complementary or mismatched to the other group members. Include a paragraph for each member.

Question 2. [15 Marks]

Find details of two successful and two unsuccessful projects and briefly review them as indicated in the instructions below. Try to ensure they are relatively recent, certainly nothing before 2011.

Why does your team feel they were successful or unsuccessful? Look at the PMBOK areas of project management, at sites such as:

Using reference to the PMBOK knowledge areas, identify the areas of strength of the successful projects and the areas of weakness in the unsuccessful projects.

Instructions: Use web search engines to conduct a search for recent news items concerning projects. Produce a report that identifies four projects (2 successful and 2 unsuccessful). The report for each project should be approximately one half page to one page for each project. For each project indicate the purpose and level of success or failure. In your report for each project discuss the reasons you believe the project has been successful or unsuccessful. Limit the answers to this question to 4 pages maximum. Penalty applies if page limitation is exceeded.

INFT6304 Project Planning Management | Project Planning Definition
Question 3. [25 Marks]

You work for the MakeBelieve company, which expects to earn at least 20 per cent on its investments. You have to choose between two similar projects. Below is the cash flow information for each project. Your analysts predict that the inflation rate will be a stable 3 percent over the next seven years. Which of the two projects would you fund if the decision is based only on financial information? Why? (Hint: to answers this question, you should compute the NPV, ROI & PayBack analysis for each project)

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