Please formulate a two paragraph response

In the US, much of schools’ budgets comes from property taxes. Wealthier school districts will have larger budgets than poor school districts even if the poorer areas tax themselves at a higher rate. For example, if you live in an area where the average home price is $375, your property taxes will result in significantly more funds than if you live in an area dominated by sub-standard housing and a high number of rentals. The disparities will range from $3,500 a year in poor inner city areas to $16,000 or more per year per student in areas such as Great Neck, New York. There are some variations by state.
The Supreme Court has ruled that if education is provided, you cannot deny it to a person of the basis of race, gender, etc. However, they have ruled that equal protection does not mean equal quality. You are not guaranteed the same quality of education as others may receive in different communities.
Some critics have argued that inequities in education get in the way of our ability to exercise other rights guaranteed by the constitution (freedom of speech, right to vote, etc.). Do you think this is true? Please formulate a two paragraph response. Clearly reference materials listed below.

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