Philadelphia Phillies Case Summary

First, read Case Study #12, the Philadelphia Phillies (Marketing Text: pg. 313) and watch the accompanying video:

course text: Kerin, Roger A., Hartley, Steven W., Berkowitz, Eric N., and Rudelius, William. Marketing, 11th edition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN# 978-0-07-802889-2

Then, read the case summary below and write a case analysis. Review the Case Study Guidelines and APA In-text Citation document for more information.

Case Study Guidelines
A typical case study is a written narrative of some real life event, situation, or experience centered in a problem or issue faced by a person, group of persons, organization, community, or even an entire society. Case studies actively engage students in the learning process as they analyze cases and develop solutions to the problems posed in cases.

Case studies are used in a wide variety of disciplines. While their usage is most prominent in business schools, they are also used in teacher education, faculty development, social work, political science, economics, public administration, medicine, nursing, and engineering programs.

Because case studies are written in such a way that they are incomplete, there is always some uncertainty about what happened and why. As a result, cases are open to multiple interpretations, allowing students to use acquired concepts and frameworks to “fill in the blanks” so to speak. Case studies, therefore, provide an excellent vehicle for illustrating conceptual issues, refining knowledge, and developing skills by using them to “read” the case. Most importantly, case studies help students learn how to relate knowledge to action as they see how different “readings” of a case entail different solutions to the problems posed in that case. Case studies can, therefore, empower students by giving them the ability to deal with problems that they could face, not in a naive fashion, but in a more informed manner.

The central purpose of preparing cases is to improve your ability to identify and isolate major problems and to offer practical solutions for an organization in a particular situation. Put another way, the purpose is to improve the analyst’s skill in offering penetrating insights into marketing problems.

Philadelphia Phillies Case Summary

The Philadelphia Phillies is a major league baseball team located in a large metropolitan area. This location means it must compete for fan (consumer) attention and dollars with not only other professional sports (the Philadelphia Eagles in football, the Philadelphia 76ers in basketball, etc.) and local college sports (University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, etc.) but also other summer recreational activities—like visits to the New Jersey shore, the Poconos mountains, golf club memberships, etc. and with the options of watching the Phillies and other sporting events on TV.

The case makes the important point that Phillies management cannot promise a winning baseball team because there will be both good years and bad years. This is why president and chief executive officer (CEO) David Montgomery wants Phillies fans at a game to be at a “happening”—to be close to the field in its new stadium, to be surrounded by other excited fans, and to have a fun day or night at the ballgame. This involves offering everything from special nights targeted at special segments of fans to laughing at the antics of the Phillies Phanatic—probably the most successful mascot in all of U.S. professional sports.

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