personal identity essay 3 5 pages

before you start working on my essay here is some info bout me to write my essay ALSO i will attached some of the online class reading so it can help you write the essay

I’m half Saudi Arabian half Kuwaiti

i was born in Kuwait but reased in Saudi Arabia both are in the middle east but Kuwait is more liberal country

my first language is arabic I’m a female muslim we wear something called abaya and hijab

Personal Identity Essay

In a well-developed essay of at least 3-5 pages (12-point font, Times New Roman, double spaced), write an essay about your own sense of language and identity. Please also connect your essay to the texts we have been reading and discussing. Due Friday 08/02/18 by 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

To receive full credit, you will have to address ALL of the following prompts in your essay.

  1. What is your cultural and linguistic background? (Discuss this in the context of being monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual)
  2. How important is your parents’/grandparents’ etc. language and culture to your identity?
  3. How important is the place where you were born?
  4. Has this class made any difference to the way you think about your languages, your culture, your identity and the way you think about the languages, culture identities of others?

To answer the above questions, you may want to think about what factors are important to your cultural and linguistic background, which may or may not include the following:

• Views on languages versus dialects:

  • Places where you have lived or traveled;
  • Places you visit frequently (e.g. parents’ home country, state, etc.);
  • Your religion, customs, dress, food, festivals, etc.;
  • How you self-identify and how you get identified;
  • Your heroes, your dreams, or aspirations;
  • Your worldviews (e.g. Should immigrants preserve their languages and cultures? Are people becoming more alike and is that a positive or negative thing?); and/or
  • If you like, you may include on a separate page, as an appendix, a diagram that captures how you conceive of the significant influences on your identity Bear in mind while writing your essay:
  • Do not answer the prompts (above) individually. They should be thoroughly integrated into a critical discussion. Do not write a compartmentalized essay.
  • Relate your essay to the terms and concepts discussed in the texts we have read/viewed.
  • Make this essay reflect who you are. Enrich your vocabulary – in other words, change plain words to more accurate or expressive ones. Try to think of a metaphor that expresses the way you feel about your identity (e.g. a patchwork quilt, made from different colors and textures of cloth; or a person pulled painfully in opposite directions by two tug-of-war teams; or a sculpture that is being created by more than one artist). Open with a “hook” and close on a memorable note as well. Here is an example of an excellent opening: “Although I write in English, my first language was Chinese. Because my parents are from China they praised me, scolded me, told me long bedtime stories and recited poetry to me all in Chinese. No wonder then that I think of Chinese as the language of my heart. As I grew older, I absorbed Thai from interacting with people in the busy streets and marketplaces and temple fairs of Bangkok. Thai for me is a functional language and I think of it as the language of my hands. Only much later did I learn English from strict teachers in school, and so I think of English as the language of my head. ” (Minfong Ho, author)

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