“One team, one plan, one goal.” This is the Ford Motor Company mission statement. Ford Motor is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford Motor case studies discuss the history, brands, markets, products and achievements of Ford Motor.,A brief history of the company can serve as a good introduction for Ford Motor case studies. In 1903, Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company. It was also in the same year when Stephen Tenvoorde opened the first retail Ford dealership in St. Cloud, MN. Next, Ford Motor case studies should discuss Henry Ford as a visionary behind the concept of mass production. The key people of the company as of 2011 including President and CEO Alan Mulally, Director Emeritus William Clay Ford Sr. and Executive Chairman William Clay Ford Jr. should also be mentioned in Ford Motor case studies. The company controls two car brands, Lincoln and Ford, that should then be described in Ford Motor case studies. In addition, the types of vehicles sold by Ford Motor such as cars, crossovers and SUVs, trucks, hybrids and EVs and commercial vehicles should be listed in Ford Motor case studies. Finally, the environmental initiatives of the company including alternative fossil fuel vehicles, flexible fuel vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles should also be noted in Ford Motor case studies.,In order to write quality Ford Motor case studies, make sure to first locate reliable sources on Ford Motor, read examples of Ford Motor case studies, and even read how other case studies such as Novartis case studies, Burger King case studies and British Airways case studies are written for examples of how to write a business case study.

Ford Motor Case Studies

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