Nursing: Depression in Older Adult

The paper should be organized into the following sections:

1. Introduction with a clear presentation of the problem as well as significance and a scholarly overview of the paper.

2. Background of the disease including definition, description, signs and symptoms, and current incidence and/or prevalence statistics by city/state with comparison to national statistics pertaining to the disease. Your background presentation should identify vulnerable aggregate populations with associated descriptive epidemiological data. Create a table of incidence or prevalence rates by your geographic county/city or state with comparison to national statistics. Use the APA text for formatting guidelines.

3. A review of current surveillance methods and any mandated reporting or methods for reporting the disease for providers

. 4. Conduct descriptive epidemiology analysis of the disease including who is more frequently affected and characteristics of the population that might help in creating a prevention plan. Include costs (both financial and social) associated with the disease or problem.

5. Review how the disease is diagnosed, current national standards for screening or prevention, and pick one screening test and review its sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, cost and any current national guidelines for conducting which patients to conduct this test on. 6. Integrating evidence, provide a plan of how you will address this chronic health disease in your practice once you are finished with school. Provide three specific interventions based on the evidence and include how you will measure outcomes of your actions. Note: Consider primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions as well as integration of health policy advocacy efforts. 7. Conclude in a clear manner with a brief overview of the keys points from each section of the paper utilizing evidence-based integration of resources.

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