Nursing Care of the older person

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Length: 1250-1500 words (this does not include the appendices)

TASK: This essay is based on a discussion with an older person about their experiences of the ageing process. Following this discussion, your essay will outline the person’s needs (from their perspective) and then the key supports you could put in place to enhance their support and to enable healthy ageing. The steps involved are described below:

Step1: Think about 1 older person who you could have a conversation with( for those who do not have anyone they know locally, a conversation over the phone is fine)

Step2: Outline the purpose of this assignment to the older person to see if they would be happy to participate.

Step3: Have a discussion(and take brief notes) with the older person based around a few key questions(you can adapt or expand on these)

1. Could you tell me about yourself and any changes you have noticed as you have grown older?

2.What are some of the best things about growing older for you?

3.What are some of the hardest things you have found in relation to growing older ?

4.What is important for you now and into the future? Do you foresee any need for support in achieving these goals?

5.Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your health and wellbeing?

Step4: Immediately following this discussion, write a detailed summary of the conversation for your records. Please attach a one page summary of this an Appendix 1 to your essay(not included in the word count).

Step 5: Commence writing your essay covering the following key areas:

Introduction: Outline person centred assessment and how you plan to

demonstrate this approach within your essay. Also outline why this is important

in relation to aged care.

Critical reflection of your discussion with an older person: this should contain

evidence of the consideration of the principles of person centred assessment

around the narrative gained from your discussion. Following this, you should

outline the key issues (positive or negative) identified from the older person’s


? Critical review of current literature: this should contain evidence of analysis of

various viewpoints and research findings in relation to the issues described by

the older person (if they describe many, just choose at least 2 to work with for

this essay). A minimum of six (6) high-level journal papers published since 2000

is necessary for an adequate literature review. All articles must be outlined

within a summary table using the headings provided below

o Authors / Study design / Sample / Intervention / Findings and


o Please attach this summary as Appendix 2 to your essay (NB: this

summary table is not included in your word count)

? Discussion: this should describe how to implement care based on the

information provided from your discussion and the literature reviewed. You

should consider what key supports you could put into place for this older

person, inclusive of a multidisciplinary team involvements and how you could

best support healthy ageing for this person. Recommendations for evidence

based best practice should be discussed. The setting of care (community,

hospital or residential aged care) must be outlined and any two challenges that exist

in relation to implementing your care plan in this setting. Furthermore, possible

ways to manage these challenges should be provided.

? Conclusion: this should tie together your main arguments made above.

Assignment purpose

The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate their ability to identify and describe

issues of concern for an older person, access and critically analyse the literature, select appropriate

articles and prepare a critical analysis of the topic area. This will enable students to adopt and

incorporate evidence based interventions in future practice. In addition, students will be able to

demonstrate their ability to write clearly and succinctly to reflect their understanding of the topic.

Students will receive feedback as per the marking criteria and within the paper

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