National Bank List How long has the business been trading?

National Finance Institute | Financial Institutions | National Bank List
BACKGROUND QUESTIONS: National Finance Institute

National Finance Institute | Financial Institutions | National Bank List How long has the business been trading?

Tell me about the business / industry

The National Finance Institute
Who works for / in the business
What are their roles
Are they contracted / self-employed / permanent etc?
How involved are you in the day to day operations?
Client Base

What’s the spread of business?
Who is the current banker?
Business Plan

Can you show me and talk me through your short and long term goals.?
Business Loan

Details of the private investor loan – do they have equity
How will you use the funds?

Tell me about the trucks – new / used?

Why do you need them now > Do they have a contract for the use?

Make and model of the truck?

Any accessories or modifications?

Where will the truck be stored when not used?

When do you need the trucks / what is the timeframe?


Have you spoken with your Accountant about what sort of loan structure you require?

What loan term do you require?

What residual is needed?

Are you looking to borrow 100% of the PP. How will you cover the costs?

Trade Ins?


Income expected from the loan that enables them to generate more income?

What changes to your income &expenses

Full tax returns full financial for all entities

BAS & Interims

Commitment schedule

Aged Creditor / debtor schedule

Tax portal

Cash flow


Have you been asked for financial guarantees previously? If so did you get Legal Advice


Have you sourced insurance for the trucks? Can I see the insurance schedule?

Do you expect and changes to your business / industry that may affect your ability to repay the loan

Are there any KEY PEOPLE in the business?

Have you thought about succession planning?

Do you have any large outlays of cash?

Have you considered personal insurance / life insurance / income protection

Check out the business’ safety record?


Dr R& S

Thanks for allowing me to present a solution for your finance needs Id just kike to confirm the understanding of your requirements

Parties to the loan

Holding company Henman Holdings P/L ATF The Henman Discretionary Trust will be the borrower & will purchase the equipment which will be internally hired to Henman Transport P/L

Both of you are directors of both companies


The main security is going to be the trucks. Therefore, a charge will be over the purchased vehicles


Trading Company needs to provide a guarantee

Director’s Guarantee from Ray and Steve

An alternative could be a GSA (Guaranteed Security Agreement)

Facility Details

MASTER FINANCE FACILITY TO BE RECOMMENDED as it has a facility with a limit of $500,000

Chattel Mortgage (with first facility $145,000

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