Midtown Manhattan, New York City is the headquarters of a global financial services company known as Morgan Stanley. The company is popular not only for the services it offers, but also as a great company to work for. Morgan Stanley case studies discuss the company’s history, business segments, competitive advantage and the corporate strategies it employs in modern finance.,The history of Morgan Stanley can serve as a good introduction for Morgan Stanley case studies. J.P. Morgan & Co. is very significant to the company’s history and should be given emphasis in Morgan Stanley case studies as well as the Glass-Steagall Act that made the company focus on commercial banking. It should be noted in Morgan Stanley case studies that Henry S. Morgan and Harold Stanley, originally employees of J.P. Morgan & Co, left the company to form Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley case studies should then discuss the three business segments of the firm, which include Institutional Securities, Global Wealth Management Group, and Asset Management. The company’s competitive advantage which is its employees should also be discussed in Morgan Stanley case studies. Finally, the corporate strategies that are being used by the company should be discussed and explained in Morgan Stanley case studies and it should be examined why these strategies have maintained Morgan Stanley as top rank investment bank.,You should make sure to consult reliable sources on Morgan Stanley as well as read  examples of Morgan Stanley case studies before writing Morgan Stanley case studies in order to gain more knowledge about the company. By reading other samples of business case studies such as Toyota case studies, FedEx case studies and Pepsico case studies, you will also learn more about the important components of a case study.

Morgan Stanley Case Studies

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