medea play 1

There are five questions to be answered at the conclusion of each act of “Medea.” Please provide short answers, no longer than a single long paragraph for each question.

Questions for Act 1.

1.What do you think the nurse was trying to say in the opening scene when she compared Medea and Jason to tall oaks going mad in a storm and talks about the terrible justice of god.

2.How does Medea react after Creon says that he pities her?

3.How do the women of Corinth feel about Creon’s intent to exile Medea?

4.What do you think of Jason after his first scene with Medea?

5.How does Jason explain away all of the things that Medea has done on his behalf?

Questions fot Act 2

1.Medea states that “Loathing is endless. Hate is a bottomless cup… .” What does she mean?

2.Do you think that Euripides meant for his audience to accept what Medea has done? Why or why not?

3.How does Medea justify what she has done?

4.How do you feel about Jason by the end of the play? Is he ever sympathetic character?

5.How do you feel about Medea by the end of the play? Is she ever sympathetic character?

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