management and leadership skills needed by sports coaches discussion board

Describe best practices among coaches and athletic directors as related to organizational leadership and management of a sports program. Are these best practices appropriate for all levels of sport teams—interscholastic, collegiate, or professional, or do they vary, depending on level of sports activities? (Please explain your conclusions.) Be sure to use your understanding of the content reading materials, and include literature references and/or anecdotal information to support your opinions.

Required Reading

Iancu, D., Dobre, R., & Piturlea, M. (2012). Managerial leadership from the perspective of environment organizational sports. Proceedings of the Scientific Conference AFASES. 117–121.

Inoue, Y., Plehn-Dujowich, J. M., Kent, A., & Swanson, S. (2013). Roles of performance and human capital in college football coaches’ compensation. Journal of Sport Management, 27(1), 73–83.

Kellett, P. (1999).* Organizational leadership: Lessons from professional coaches. Sport Management Review, 2(2), 150–171.

Mahony, D. F., Riemer, H. A., Breeding, J. L., & Hums, M. A. (2006). Organizational justice in sport organizations: Perceptions of college athletes and other college students. Journal of Sport Management, 20(2), 159–188.

Sarı, I., Soyer, F. & Yiğiter, K. (2012). The relationship among sports coaches’ perceived leadership behaviours, athletes’ communication skills and satisfaction of the basic psychological needs: A study on athletes. International Journal of Academic Research, 4(1), 112–119.

*This reference is dated, however, worthy of perusal.

Websites (Required)

Catina, P. (2006). Cross-Cultural Analysis of Positive Illusions and Sport Performance Levels of Basketball Players. Retrieved October 2014 from…

SportsCoachUKTV. (2011, March 31). Planning and Organizing [Video File].

VolleyShop. 2011, March 13). Practice Planning Organization and Demonstration [Video File].

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