Logical, concise essay, demonstrating command of the English language


The maximum length is not to exceed 2 pages, word processed.
Essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Following Instructions
Logical, concise essay, demonstrating command of the English language
Proper grammar and spelling
Appropriateness of content

Discuss the following in your essay:
Why you want to obtain a BSN degree
Why you feel you would be successful in the BSN Program
What strategies you will use to fulfill the intensive requirements of the BSN Program
How you feel the BSN Program will assist you in achieving your career goals

I just graduated in December 2014 with an Associates in Nursing at Salt Lake Community College with a 3.7 GPA, and want to continue to acheive a BSN. A Bachelor’s of Nursing will allow more career opportunities. Dixie University has an online RN-BSN program, and their graduates have a higher passing rate than the state average on the State Board exam. I am 43 years old and a single parent. I have worked in the medical field all of my adult life. But, without a degree, I cannot support my family. I love the medical field. I have a lot of experience, including: phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, expired CNA, vascular ultrasounds,and medical office management. My father has numerous health problems, and watching him navigate the healthcare system has been both alarming and enlightening. I’ve watched good nurses, adequate nurses, and amazing nursing care. I know I can be an amazing nurse and be an advocate for my patients. I can be the voice that they need to achieve excellent care. I can answer questions that they don’t know to ask. Nursing isn’t a job, it’s a calling, and not just science, but an art. Not everyone is equipped with the personality to care for others, but more importantly help patients retain their dignity throughout their stay, whether that is surgery, short term rehab, or a skilled nursing facility or hospice.

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