learning objectives and lesson alignment

Part 1: Learning Objectives :Using the “Learning Objective Table,” identify a grade level, select a math and English language arts (ELA) state standard, and write a learning objective for each content area standard you chose. The table clearly identifies what you want students to know and be able to do in an ELA lesson and in a math lesson.Note that a learning objective is aligned to the standard and includes both a statement of what the student is to know and do because of instruction and the criteria for evaluating performance.

Part 2: Deconstruct Lesson Plan: Research and identify a lesson plan online that includes a standard and learning objective. In 250-500 words, deconstruct and critique the alignment of the chosen lesson plan to the standard.Your critique should answer the following questions:Is the lesson aligned to a standard?Does the learning objective state what students need to know and/or do because of instruction?Is the content of the lesson aligned to the learning objective?

  • What changes or revisions might you make to this lesson plan to ensure its alignment to the standard and learning objective?

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