Lavazza Coffee is a remarkable story of how marketing turned a tiny grocery store into a world-wide coffee supplier.  Lavazza Coffee case studies allow the business student to explore a successful marketing strategy and perhaps use Lavazza Coffee data to learn how to write a marketing plan.,In 1895, Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocery store in Turin, Italy, selling a variety of retail goods.  Soon Luigi discovered he had a knack for blending coffee beans into extra-flavorful combinations.  Even early on, the Lavazzas developed interesting marketing techniques that resulted in cornering the coffee market in Italy and expanding to over 90 countries in the world.  Some of these early techniques may be included for analysis in the Lavazza Coffee case study.,Before attempting to write a Lavazza Coffee case study, take time to familiarize yourself with the Lavazza brand and their marketing techniques.  Studying essays on integrated marketing communications will broaden your reference base when it comes to analyzing Lavazza’s intricate marketing plan.  Using special barcoded coupons and vacation giveaways, Lavazza has been able to effectively target its prime demographic.  Additionally, Lavazza produces a high-fashion photographic calendar every year, as well as popular TV ad campaigns.  Highly involved Lavazza Coffee case studies may choose to specifically outline the way Lavazza has broken into the UK, a nation well-known for its love of tea – not coffee!,In preparation for writing a Lavazza Coffee case study, make use of the wide variety of useful sources on Lavazza Coffee that can be found on the internet.   The student new to writing case studies, may find it helpful to study other Lavazza Coffee case studies as well as case studies on other companies known for their marketing abilities, such as the Coca-Cola Company.  Careful attention to resource material and case study structure will make your Lavazza Coffee case study a rewarding learning experience.

Lavazza Coffee Case Study

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