Is this a liquidated or an unliquidated debt?

Chapter 12: Consideration
1. Ken, grateful that Letisha performed life-saving CPR on him after he had suffered a heart attack, writes a document with the following language: “In consideration of Letisha Washington having saved my life, I hereby promise to pay her $250 per week for life. Signed [Ken Smith].” For the next 3 years, he faithfully makes the weekly payments, and then stops. Letisha, upset that Ken broke his word to her, sues him seeking to reinstate the payments. Was there a valid contract formed in this instance? Why or why not? (5 points)
2. Imagine that Alexandra promises to give Rasputin $1000 if he stops drinking alcohol for one week. If Rasputin does so, is a contract formed (can he enforce Alexandra’s promise to pay him $1000)? (5 points)
3. Sami walks into a restaurant. She is given a menu, which indicates that lobster is $30. Sami orders the lobster. It arrives, and Sami thinks it is very tasty. When the bill arrives, Sami tries to execute a clever ploy she learned about in her business law class. She writes a check to the restaurant for $20, and writes “full settlement” across the top. The waiter accepts the check without looking at it, and the restaurant manager later deposits it in the restaurant’s bank account. Is this a liquidated or an unliquidated debt? Is Sami off the hook for the last $10? (5 points)

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