Individual Occupational Health & Safety Assignment 5%

Individual Occupational Health & Safety Assignment 5%
On your own, identify the workplace hazards that might be present in one of the following workplaces:

car repair and auto body shop
home renovations supplies and equipment storage area
live concert venue
nursing home
office with many employees working on computers and paper files.
Describe what this workplace can and should do to ensure that their employees are safe at work.

Length: max.1500 words (+/- 5%)

Submit with Title, Name & Student ID # to me at end of Class.

I will not accept any late submissions of this assignment.


Assignment Structure

The structure of the write-up should include:

-Cover Page with Course code, Student #, Instructor’s name; Question chose.

-Essay style format

-Use additional resources outside the textbook to explain reasoning behind certain issues and answers.

-Reference List

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