Include types of communication she will experience while working in a professional environment.

The textbook definition of evidence-based practice (EBP) is “the conscientious integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patients’ values and needs in the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective health care” (Burns, 2015, p. 503).

Evidence-based practice is seen in all nursing settings. It provides safety and the best possible care we can give our patients. Evidence-based practice is used in every aspect of being in the nursing profession. It is used with policies, procedures and guidelines we follow being a nurse. I work in the ICU and see it being used to prevent VAP’s, CAUTI’s, falls, medication errors, sepsis alerts, central line infections, rapid response teams, CAM scores (assessing if delirium is present) and many more. We have certain bundles that we follow when it comes to prevention of patient falls, urinary tract infection, central line infections, and keeping track of these topics and also seeing who needs restraints. These bundles are developed from EBP and are used for prevention and safety of patients. As nurses it is our responsibility to provide and give the best patient care we can give. EBP is used in all different types of nursing from home care, hospital, nursing homes, extended care facilities, community health nursing. Nursing practitioners also rely on EBT in their profession as well as all other health care providers. APA FORMAT 500 WORDS 3 REFERENCES MUST USE IN TEXT CITATION PLEASE!!! REQUIRED FOR APA FORMAT IN COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY.


You work in a health care office. Your new coworker has never worked in an office environment. She asks you to give her some insight into workplace communication.

Write a 500 word e-mail to her in word document format.

Address the following:

Explain the major components of communication in the workplace.
Include types of communication she will experience while working in a professional environment.
Explain the role perception plays in communication in the workplace.

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