Identify your audience and consider the economic impact

Policy evaluation: Refu Show more I have three days to submit this assignment so take a time to answer it.Thx Policy evaluation: Refugee Policies Humanitarian or Neoliberal? Though the current refugee resettlement program which may have good purposes the conclusion shows how it was framed within a neoliberal context and does not necessarily empower an individual with the support he/she needs to be self-sustainable. Refugees circumstances have changed over the years and the cost of living has risen the cash and other forms of assistance granted to refugees have not changed since the resettlement program was officially created. Many refugees after escaping from war in their home country refugees are usually forced to experience a difficult immigration process and stressful resettlement in the countries of refuge and they have to fit into fully different setting and cultures. However due to past traumatic experiences and resettlement refugees often experience complex challenges in the refuge countries. I am supporting the renovation of the Refugees policies to be more humanitarian. Question I. Problem Stream (25 points) Need for change Existing Problem Focusing event Indicators such as reports census Media a big player Identify your audience and consider the economic impact and opportunity costs for the above policy evaluation and Include the economic principles the tension between private and public spending in the US and articulation of your political values. Show less

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