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This is what my classmate wrote and I have to replay to it BCJ 2002 Unit I

For officials to measure the effectiveness of correctional programs, they must pay attention to the rate of recidivism as well as the successful re-integration of ex-cons into communities. Subjects of particular interest include taxes, credit-reports, and criminal history. Successful re-integration into a community can ascertained by the subjects participation within the community, by paying taxes the subject is displaying the willingness to maintain employment and contribute to the community. The subjects willingness to repay debts and repair any financial discrepancies is also an indication of successful communal re-integration. The most important indication of a successful correctional program is a low recidivism rate. When convicts do not re-offend it’s safe to say the correctional program is working.

This is what my classmate wrote and I have to replay to it BCJ 2002 Unit II

I believe states should use more private probation agencies , privatized probation is when a state contracts the probation duties to an outside agency. like always the best argument winner of all time is why i feel this way as well because you would save a lot of money doing so and of course it lowers the load of work that has to be done by the probation oficers.

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