How will the court rule in this case?

2. Tom owned a computer business. Sue was a friend of Tom’s and visited him on
July 1, 2013; they each consumed 10 beers. Sue offered to sell Tom 10 computers for
$50,000. Sue said that Tom nodded his head after she made that offer. Sue also agreed to
place some illegal software on Tom’s computer for $10,000.
Tom told Sue that he had a problem with his computer hardware. Sue worked on the
problem for six weeks—without telling Tom— and had the hardware working perfectly
again. Sue stated that Tom offered to pay for a new house for her if she quit her job.
As a result, she quit her job, sold her house, and put her belongings in a van, so she could
move into the new house.
After Tom recovered from his hangover, he refused to pay $50,000 for the computers and
refused to pay for the illegal software. He also refused to pay for the hardware repairs and
the new house. His ex-friend Sue files a lawsuit.
What will Sue argue? What will Tom argue? How will the court rule in this case?
Provide legal justification for your decision, and use the IRAC formula.

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