How strong are these recommendations and why?

Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy effective for first episode psychosis? (PICO)
Outline why you have chosen this subject and the aims of your literature search 250 words = 5 marks
Literature search strategy and structure for the review Describe the search terms inclusion and exclusion criteria databases used numbers of hits and how you arrived at your 10 papers. Show that you have searched the Cochrane database of systematic reviews and the NICE website for clinical guidelines even if you have not included any. Use PICO SPIDER or similar. 250 words 10 marks
Critical appraisal of body of literature
Critically analyse your chosen papers concentrating on their strengths and weaknesses. Use the usual referencing conventions when citing your chosen papers do not refer to them as paper 1 paper 2 and so on. 3250 words 60 marks
Synthesis & strength of evidence
Give an overall appraisal of the literature. Where does it sit in a hierarchy of evidence? What recommendations can you make? How strong are these recommendations and why? 500 words 10 marks
Application to practice
Discuss the importance of the evidence you have reviewed and how it might influence clinical practice locally and/or nationally. 500 words = 10 marks
Practice-focused research questions
What research needs to be undertaken now? 250 words= 5 marks
Totals 5000 =100 marks
References Not included 0
Appendix 1: Include a PRISMA flow diagram which summarises your search strategy Not included in total 0
Appendix 2: Include a table which summarises the following: title and authors studies aims methods of data collection and analysis findings your brief commentary. Not included in total 0
Standards of written English and grammar are important in presentation and will be marked accordingly
Word count penalties: YOU MUST NOT WRITE MORE THAN 5000 WORDS. For work that exceeds 5000 words the penalty will be that extra words will not be read.
The word limit is exclusive of
(i) headings titles and statements on the cover and contents
(ii) Index lists and diagram labels;
(iii) Short text boxes in the body of an assignment;
(iv) References and/or bibliography lists; and
(v) Permitted appended material.
The work limit does include the references cited in the body of the assignment including any quotes It is not permitted to have a substantial amount of relevant text in table figures or appendices. These will be counted in the word count on the judgement of the markers.

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