How does using borrowed theory support the development of nursing theory?

Answer 2 short essay questions with at least one scholarly article as reference for each one.

Question 1

Nursing makes use of theories from other disciplines (a.k.a., borrowed theories). How does using borrowed theory support the development of nursing theory?

Question 2

Choose a borrowed theory and apply its framework to an advanced nursing issue (i.e., hostility in the workplace, instituting bedside reporting, and shared leadership).

I want to discuss one point which is (Thoretical framework). I think securitisation/regional security theory seems the most appropriate. Also there are some articles it will be useful for that like

– Perceptions journal of international affairs

– Understanding the Gulf States for ( F. Gregory gause).


i have eassey with toutur feedback , i need to increse words more (130 words )

and folow toutur instructions . (you can change distance training to distance education) ( dead line 12hours + 4 hours extend )

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